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Hi, I’m Rachel, owner and chief care package maker of Countdowns and Cupcakes. I’m a dog mom, Clemson alum, lover of tulips, reading, traveling and spending as much time outside as possible. But most importantly, I’m a proud Navy wife.

Now, I don’t say “most importantly” because I believe being a military spouse defines me entirely, but anyone associated with the military knows that the military does begin to define you a little bit: it defines where you work, where you live, even how often you see your spouse.

In fact, it becomes such an important part of your life that when you meet someone new, you often exchange military stats: how many tours of duty you’ve done, the number of times you’ve PCS’d and so on.

For me, my military number is 618. That’s the number of days my husband was deployed in the first 4 years we knew each other.

618 days of worry. 618 nights alone. 618 times I had to fight to feel connected to my spouse because he was deployed.

I don’t share that with you because I want any special recognition or think that my family is unique. In fact, I share it with you for the exact opposite reason: so many military families are frequently separated by duty and distance. So many military families have to work harder than their civilian counterparts to stay connected.

That’s where Countdowns and Cupcakes comes in. My pre-decorated care package flaps help your family stay connected during times of separation by taking the time and frustration out of care packages! You can shop my designs here or get tips/inspiration here.

How can I help you stay connected to your loved one during deployment?

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