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10 Valentine’s Day Care Package Contents (That Aren’t Candy!)

After the sugar rush of the holidays, sending Valentine's Day care package contents that aren't candy is so important!

Boom! In the blink of an eye, the shelves that were once full of red and green items transform into a sea of pink, red and white. It’s time for Valentine’s Day and, if you’re celebrating through a deployment, it’s also time for Valentine’s Day care packages. But after the sugar rush of the holidays, maybe sending a box full of candy isn’t the best choice for you or your loved one. That’s why sending a few Valentine’s Day care package contents that aren’t candy is so important!

After the sugar rush of the holidays, sending Valentine's Day care package contents that aren't candy is so important!

Valentine’s Day Care Package Contents (That Aren’t Candy!)

I’m a huge fan of sending photos in care packages and they make perfect Valentine’s Day care package contents! You can choose favorite photos of you both or maybe include pictures taken since your loved one left home. You can attached them to your box or include them in a small photo album or even in one the creative ways I talk about here.

As a warning: sexy photos are not always the best idea in a care package. A lot of countries where our service members are stationed have strict rules about adult content that you do not want to violate. I certainly do not recommend sending hard copies of them. Using a secure messaging app or sending a thumb drive for your loved one to use on their personal computer is likely your best option.

Love letters
Maybe it’s the result of one too many romantic comedies, but I love a good romantic gesture and not much tops a handwritten love letter. Spend some time thinking about all the reasons you love your loved one and then write them all down! You could also talk about your future dreams as a couple or maybe a favorite memory.

Your letter doesn’t need to be perfectly written poetry for it to be meaningful. Expressing how much you care about your loved one in a heartfelt and true-to-you way is going to mean so much!

You could also send a batch of “open when” letters in this box. Get ideas here.

New toiletry products
A great way to say “I love you” is by pampering your loved one! Sending a few toiletry products that help them take care of themselves is a great way to pamper from afar. Shave butters, beard oils, really nice razors, new perfume or cologne or even a favorite brand of shampoo can all be a thoughtful addition to your box.

Item that smells like you
Raise your hand if you’ve ever smelled your loved one’s shirt/sweatshirt/pillow/uniform/etc. when they’re away from home. Yeah, that’s a lot of hands. Don’t worry, I’ve totally done the same thing and do not even feel a little weird about it.

Smell is such a strong trigger for our memory and the smell of our loved one can be uniquely comforting. So why not return the favor and send your loved one something that smells like you?! You could send an article of clothing you’ve worn or your pillowcase after sleeping on it a few nights.

I suggest placing the item in a sealable plastic baggie so your smell stays as strong as possible. You can also add a spritz of perfume or cologne to the box before you tape it shut so your loved one is immediately hit with it.

Something to do together
During deployment, the thing you miss the most may be quality time with your loved one. And while there isn’t a care package content out there that will bring them home, there are a few that can help you feel like you’re more connected.

Sending something to do together (like a book to read, movie to watch or game to play) can help you feel a bit more normal and make you feel like you’re having date night. Pick something you’d both enjoy doing and work with your loved one to create a plan!

Cards from little ones
Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be just about a romantic relationship! Have little ones pick out Valentine’s Day cards (or make a few themselves) to send to your loved one. Valentine’s Day crafts from little ones would also be a great addition to your box, like handprint hearts!

A great option is to have your little ones send the cards they’d give to friends at school. Most of the time, their selection reflects their current interests (Frozen, Power Rangers, etc.) and can give your loved one a sense of normalcy. If your little one is just learning to write, having them address and sign the card makes it extra special.

Snack items
Even if you aren’t sending candy, you can still send edible items! There are plenty of healthier snack items perfect for a care package, like mixed nuts, nut butters, jerky or water flavor packets.

Need more healthy care package content ideas? Check out this post.

Stationery supplies
Sometimes time apart can actually be a good thing for a relationship because it gives each person some time to reflect on all that the other person means to them. If your loved one is doing that reflecting, send them a few items so they can write down their thoughts for you to read later. They could also write notes back to little ones or to other family members or even keep a journal of their time away from home.

The story of your relationship
I’ve sent my husband a variety of memories from our relationship over the years, but my favorite has to be a LoveBook that told our story. I loved getting to personalize everything and the book was a sweet gift for my husband as well as a nice keepsake.

You could also do this via a photo book, handmade scrapbook or even a video. The possibilities are endless!

A small meaningful item
I like keeping care package contents useful, but every now and then, you just need to send something that’s purely sentimental. A small meaningful item in a Valentine’s Day care package can be a great way to make someone feel extra loved. I absolutely adore this cute lip print keychain because it’s personalized and small enough to tuck into a pocket or under a pillow.

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