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Deployment Christmas Gifts

Here's everything you need to know about sending Christmas gifts in your care package, including ideas for your deployment Christmas gifts!

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Once you’ve decorated your Christmas care package, it’s time to play Santa Claus and fill your box with lots of goodies! But what should you put in that box? Yes, there are lots of Christmas care package contents out there, but sometimes you want to send something different, something extra special, something you’d give as a Christmas present even if they were home. You need deployment Christmas gifts!

Sending a few Christmas presents in your care package is a great way to bring a little bit of the holiday to your loved one and brighten their day a bit.

Should I send all of their Christmas presents?
This is very much up to you, but my suggestion is “no”. If your loved one’s Christmas presents are valuable (either emotionally or monetarily), sending them overseas may be a bad choice for a variety of reasons. Boxes can get lost or damaged or people handling mail may not have the best intentions. Losing an item of high sentimental or monetary value can be especially heartbreaking and not something you want to risk, especially at the holidays.

Additionally, if an item takes up a lot of space, won’t fit in a flat rate box or will be difficult to get back home, you’re better off hanging on to it until they return.

How do I make normal contents special?
Not every item in your Christmas care package needs to be extravagant! Your loved one may still want or need traditional care package contents like snack or toiletries. But it’s completely reasonable for you to want these items to still be special – it is Christmas after all.

You can make even normal care package contents special by doing one or more of the following:

  • wrapping your contents in festive paper, complete with gift tags and bows
  • choosing new or seasonal flavors for some of their favorite items
  • sending indulgent versions of toiletries
  • adding extra touches like a spritz of perfume, lipstick kisses, extra notes or artwork from little ones.

Need some care package-friendly Christmas gift ideas? Keep reading for my suggestions.

Deployment Christmas Gifts Suggestions

Picture frameHeadphonesSunglassesWipesWater bottleSlippers

For deployment Christmas gifts, I like to find a balance between items that are functional and fun. Items like warm gloves or socks and slippers can be hugely useful, but still a source of a little extra comfort.

Indulgent toiletries
Think of the items they need to use every single day and then up the luxury of them a little bit. Buy the super expensive razor or the salon-brand shampoo they love. Those items may not seem extravagant, but when you’re far from home, they will be much appreciated. My husband is a huge fan of One Wipe Charlies, but other personal wipes are also a really nice addition.

You could also gift them a subscription to a beauty product box, like Dollar Shave Club or Ipsy. Sign them up in advance of sending your care package so you can include the first shipment as their gift.

Pieces of home
Odds are the thing (or things) your loved one misses the most while away from home are the people! You can use that to inspire your deployment Christmas gifts by sending pieces of home.

Photo books filled with pictures of moments your loved one may have missed are perfect for this! They’re flat and easy to ship (both there and back), have a ton of meaning, relatively inexpensive, and keep you from having to send dozens of prints. You can also add photos of little ones’ artwork and pack them in one of those cute personalized photo bags. They may be really taken aback by the thought of having lots of memories packed in different forms. This is a great way to share it with your loved one without having to send highly sentimental originals.

A custom photo blanket of your family is also a good option. Use a memorable, happy photo that your loved one can look at before they fall asleep. Websites like Soufeel can be checked to order such personalised gifts and get them delivered to the right address.

High-dollar items
If you decide to send a more expensive Christmas gift, consider items like noise-cancelling headphones, sunglasses or an electronic picture frame. Each of these items are on the smaller side and will be relatively easy to bring home after deployment ends.

If you do send a high-dollar item, be sure to purchase extra insurance when mailing your care package.

Free time distractions
What kinds of hobbies does your loved one enjoy while deployed? Fitness? Current events? Finance? You can use those to help guide your shopping.

A great deployment Christmas gift idea that also serves as a free time distraction is a magazine subscription. You’ll want to order the subscription in advance so you can send 1 or 2 copies in your care package, but they’ll still be able to enjoy the gift when they get home.

Want even more care package ideas? I’m giving away 165+ ideas (plus what to put in them) here.

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