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Non-Candy Halloween Care Package Contents

Halloween care packages don't have to be filled with candy! There are so many great non-candy Halloween care package contents to send that even candy fans will be happy.

Halloween care packages have to be filled with candy, right? WRONG! There are so many great non-candy Halloween care package contents to send that even candy fans will be happy.

Don’t forget that you can “dress up” any of your care package contents in Halloween costumes to make them fit with your theme. Attaching googley eyes, wrapping them in toilet paper or even wrapping them in festive wrapping paper are all great ideas.

Halloween care packages don't have to be filled with candy! There are so many great non-candy Halloween care package contents to send that even candy fans will be happy.
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13 non-candy Halloween care package contents

Scary movies
For a lot of people, Halloween just isn’t the same without a little bit of fear so a scary movie would be a great way to help your loved one get in the Halloween mood. Double check that they have a way to watch the movie if you’re sending a physical one. If they don’t have access to a DVD or Blu-ray player, but do have a solid internet connection, consider sending a gift card to purchase and download a movie instead.

Pumpkin-flavored or scented items
There is no shortage of pumpkin items at this time of year: coffee, soap, lotion, baked goods, granola…the list goes on and on. If your loved one enjoys pumpkin spice season, you can include these items in your Halloween care package.

Festive decorations
Paper banners, string lights, fake cobwebs and a few plastic pumpkins can all add a lot of fun to your Halloween care package contents. Look for these items at discount stores (Dollar Tree, Target Dollar Spot, etc.) so you don’t break the bank.

Plastic rats, spiders and other creepy crawlies
While you’re shopping for Halloween decorations, grab a few plastic creepy crawlies to up the spooky factor! Your loved one may repurpose these items as a way to prank their co-workers or get a little adrenaline spike themselves when they find them in the box.

Simple costume items
Halloween may be just the excuse your loved one needs to act a bit like a kid again and simple costume items can help with the fun! Something like these animal nose masks or these goofy glasses can help your loved one and their co-workers get in the spirit of the day without taking up too much space in your care package.

Items with festive packaging
As with most major holidays, companies pull out all the stops and re-brand everything with festive packaging. Everything from tissues to granola bars get a holiday makeover. Take advantage of that and find a few care package staples with festive packaging to include in your box. These Halloween-themed Oreos would be a perfect addition!

Festive crafts from little ones
Kids’ crafts are relatively cheap and easy Halloween care package contents that pack quite a bit of meaning. I’ve seen everything from ghost footprints to candy corn hand prints and they’re all adorable. You can find tons of Halloween craft inspiration on Pinterest. If you send a child’s craft, consider laminating it or putting it in a page protector or plastic bag to keep it safe during shipping.

You could also send a store-bought craft set to your loved one and have them complete the craft with the child over FaceTime.

Suspense or mystery novel
If your loved one enjoys reading, a suspense or mystery novel would be a great option. If you’re concerned about cost, look for a used book or paperback copy. You could also “send” your loved one an audiobook or digital book on their favorite platform. Whatever you do, don’t send a library book!

Pumpkin seeds
One of my husband’s favorite pumpkin-carving traditions is roasting the seeds from our pumpkin as a late-night snack. Help your loved one enjoy one more fall treat by sending pumpkin seeds in your Halloween care package. I suggest sending store-bought options rather than homemade pumpkin seeds for a better chance at freshness.

Black or orange items
Sometimes the easiest themed-care package content idea is the one that gets the most overlooked: color-coordinating items. You may have to browse your grocery store’s aisles a bit more than normal, but sending items that fit the color scheme of your box is a great option!

Orange items (orange Gatorade, those cheap peanut butter cracker sandwiches, Cheez-Its, etc.) and black items (chocolate sea salt Rx Bars, Mio black cherry water enhancer, certain brands of coffee, etc.) can all fit your theme because they match your color scheme. (I swear, I didn’t mean to rhyme.)

Halloween care packages don't have to be filled with candy! There are so many great non-candy Halloween care package contents to send that even candy fans will be happy.
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Trick or treat pumpkins or bags
Now, what good are trick or treat pumpkins without candy to go in them? Lots of good if you send non-candy Halloween care package contents that your loved one can share with others. Small items like lip balm, granola bars and travel-sized toiletries can all be makeshift trick-or-treat goodies.

You may want to send bags rather than plastic pumpkins to better fit in your care package.

Styrofoam pumpkin
Nothing can truly take the place of carving a pumpkin together as a family, but sending a fake pumpkin for your loved one to carve would be a great way to bring the tradition to them. Plan to have your loved one wait to carve it until they can join you on a FaceTime date for an extra level of connection.

As a warning, these items may be messy to carve and you should not send knives or other carving utensils in your care package. Your loved one may have something with them already that will allow them to carve their pumpkin, but if not, consider sending stickers and permanent markers as an alternative.

If you’re really on your Halloween game, you could send photos of you and other loved ones in this year’s costumes. If not, send throwback photos of previous Halloweens!

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