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Chemo Care Package Contents

A chemo care package can be filled with items to help ease side effects, share a bit of encouragement and brighten their day. Get ideas here!

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The beauty of care packages is that once you begin sending them, you can’t stop thinking of people who would appreciate one! From new neighbors to homesick college students, there is literally a care package opportunity for just about everyone who needs their day brightened. A group that is exceptionally deserving of a little extra sunshine are individuals going through treatment for cancer. A chemo care package can be filled with items to help ease negative side effects, make someone feel more comfortable while receiving treatment or share a bit of encouragement.

A chemo care package can be filled with items to help ease side effects, share a bit of encouragement and brighten their day. Get ideas here!
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Chemo Care Package Contents

Keep in mind that I am not a doctor and everyone’s situation is a bit different, so please adjust any contents to fit your loved one’s particular needs.

Peppermint tea and ginger chews
Chemotherapy can often cause nausea and both peppermint tea and ginger can help counteract that particular side effect.

Moisturizers or lip balms
Dehydration is a common result of chemo treatment so items to help combat that may be especially helpful! Try to pick ones without scents just in case your loved one has an aversion to certain smells while undergoing treatment.

A fun water bottle
To encourage your loved one to stay hydrated, send a fun water bottle. Personally, I’m a huge fan of Hydroflask or Corkcicle because they keep water nice and cold.

Unscented hand sanitizer
Chemo can cause a weakened immune system so hand sanitizer is a great addition to a chemo care package. Just like with the lotion or lip balm, an unscented version is probably the way to go in case your loved one has any aversions to smells.

Encouraging cards or notes
If you only send one thing in this care package, I think it should be encouragement in the form of notes and cards. These could be in the form of “open when” letters from just you or cards from family and friends. Either way, a mix of encouragement, humor and a reminder of how much they are loved will be quite impactful.

A journal
Going through cancer treatment can affect more than just the body. A journal for your loved one to record their thoughts and feelings may help them to process the emotions that come with their diagnosis and treatment.

Warm blankets and socks
Treatment rooms may be chilly so a few light (but warm) layers may make your loved one more comfortable. You can personalize items like these with photos through sites like Shutterfly or PupSocks.

Items to help pass time while undergoing treatment can help take your loved one’s mind off the present reality. Books, magazines, music and word searches or crossword puzzles are all really good options. This book has a good mix of puzzles so your loved one gets a little bit of everything!

A hat or headscarf
Not everyone undergoing chemo deals with hair loss so this is an idea that would really depend on the recipient. If you do want to send something like this, there are many options out there, including this style that comes in a variety of patterns. However, if the recipient of the care package has previously confided in you about the pain they face due to this, then you may want to sit down and discuss their options with them. While hair loss can often be a side effect of their treatment, it does not have to make them shy away from society or hide their “flaws”. If they are open to it, plenty of clinics offer specialized neograft in Denver (and elsewhere as well), so that could be a gift you give them too.

If you have a loved one going through chemo, consider sending them a care package to brighten their day! A few fun items mixed in with the more practical will help them feel supported and loved no matter how far away they may be!

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