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Mother’s Day Care Packages

Mother's Day care packages are the perfect way to show mom how much she's loved and appreciated this year! Get tips and ideas here!

Whenever a parent is deployed, it is hard on everyone involved. That heartache can be exceptionally pronounced on days meant to celebrate together, like Mother’s Day! That’s why Mother’s Day care packages are so important: they remind mom that she’s loved and appreciated even when she’s far away.

It’s a common misconception that just men deploy, but there are so many women serving overseas! As the clock ticks towards Mother’s Day, it’s important to keep them in mind too!

Mother's Day care packages are the perfect way to show mom how much she's loved and appreciated this year! Get tips and ideas here!

Don’t have a mom serving overseas? That’s ok! If you’re not lucky enough to live near your mom or grandmother, sending a Mother’s Day care package is a great way to stay connected.

Mother’s Day care package themes

If a mom is away from her family, she needs her spirits lifted and this is especially true on Mother’s Day! Mother’s Day care packages can go a long way to making her feel connected to family at home as well as bringing a smile to her face.

I love using spring colors and patterns for this type of care package because of how cheerful they are and how well they echo the season! Flowers, sunshine and bright colors are some of my favorite parts of this time of year and may be things mom is missing while away from home.

Telling mom that she’s loved, missed and appreciated are great places to start for a care package saying. If you’re like me and want to be punny as well as sweet, check out some of these fun options.

  • You’re doing a grape job raisin’ me/us
  • So fortunate you’re my/our mom
  • Can’t stay mum about how much I/we love you!
  • Mom, you’re one in a melon!
  • Mom, you’re tea-rific
  • Our hero goes by “mom”!
  • I/we love you berry much

Don’t forget that what mom most wants to see on Mother’s Day are the people who made her a mom in the first place! Adding family photos (especially ones taken during her absence) to your box is an easy and meaningful way to decorate the flaps. You could also have little ones decorate the box themselves with artwork!

My newest care package flap set makes it really easy to make mom smile by pulling together some of the best parts of Mother’s Day care packages into ready-to-attach flaps. Check it out here.

Mother's Day care packages are the perfect way to show mom how much she's loved and appreciated this year! Get tips and ideas here!
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Contents for Mother’s Day care packages

Luckily, most care package staples will work just fun in Mother’s Day care packages, but if you want to send something that’s extra special, consider some of these items!

However you choose to send them (electronically, as a photo book or a calendar or just loose in the box), mom is going to appreciate these more than you know!

Pampering products
If mom was home for Mother’s Day, odds are she would get pampered (at least a little bit!) so why not carry that into a care package? Scented lotion, extra-moisturizing body wash, lip balm or face wash would all help mom relax.

Kids aren’t always super cooperative during scheduled video chats, but odds are you have quite a few recorded videos on your phone where they’re natural! Pull a few of those over onto a thumb drive or pop them into a file sharing site (like Dropbox) and get them to mom so she can enjoy them over and over again.

Something fun
Books, magazines, puzzle books or items that support her deployment hobbies will be nice additions to the box.

Get more care package ideas for female service members here.

Whether the mom in your life is deployed overseas, living far away or just in need of some extra love and appreciation, Mother’s Day care packages are the perfect solution!

Want even more care package ideas? I’m giving away 165+ ideas (plus what to put in them) here

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