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Care Packages for Female Service Members

During deployment, care packages are just as important to female service members as to their male counterparts. Get ideas for them here!

When many folks think about deployed service members, they usually come up with an image of a male. While men definitely make up the majority of service members, it’s important not to forget that women deploy as well!

During deployment, care packages are just as important to female service members as to their male counterparts. Keep scrolling for ideas that will help your loved one feel extra cared for while they’re away from home!

Care Package Themes for Women

For most service members, just about any care package theme would work just fine, regardless of their gender! Care packages designed around holidays, hobbies and even puns are great ideas for your female loved one. I also really love this box of sunshine theme; it’s feminine without being too girly and really focuses on brightening the recipient’s day! Plus you could shop for items in yellow packaging as part of your theme!

Another color scheme and box theme is certainly pink! Now, not all girls are fans of pink so I’d skip this idea if your loved one falls into that category. But if it’s a good fit, it could be a really fun theme! Bonus is that so many beauty products come in pink packages so you’ll have plenty of content options.

If your loved one’s love language is words of affirmation, a box like this would be an amazing thing to receive. I know that I would smile after opening a box that told me I was beautiful! You could even take it a step further and send each item with a compliment attached to it.

Care Package Contents

Luckily, most snack items work for either gender so you can take advantage of all the suggestions out there. Magazines, books, photos, encouraging letters or notes and anything to support their deployment hobbies are all good additions to these care packages. The most important thing is to select items that fit your recipient’s wants and needs.

Items to specifically add to a care package for a female recipient include:

  • favorite toiletries brands, especially salon hair products – I also recommend this for male service members, but on the whole, I tend to be far pickier about my shampoo and conditioner than does my husband. If your loved one has specific make-up they like to wear,
  • feminine hygiene products – at the risk of being a little TMI, favorite brands can go a long way to making certain parts of life more comfortable away from home.
  • spa products – there may not be a ton of time for relaxation, but a few indulgent products can help make the most of any downtime. Items like a loofa, face masks, manicure/pedicure kit, scented body wash/soap/bath bombs and even these daily facial wipes can all help your service member with a little luxurious self care. Other options include fluffy slippers, bathrobe and towel!
  • sleep aides – an eye mask and ear plugs can go a long way to helping your loved one get some much needed rest.

A word of caution: you cannot send anything that’s flammable in your care package and unfortunately, things like hairspray, nail polish and nail polish remover can all be flammable. Double check your contents before shipping to avoid any accidents or delays!

Have you ever sent a care package to a female service member? What kinds of items did they love?

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