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Boozy Care Packages That Are Deployment-Friendly

If you are willing to be a little punny and very creative, you can send your loved one a unique care package they definitely won't expect!

If you’ve been a reader here for any length of time, then you know two things: I have equal passion for care packages and rule following and I cannot for the life of me resist a good pun.

So while I will never ever as long as I live endorse sending alcohol in care packages (hint: it’s illegal), I can’t deny y’all the joy of a boozy care package for your loved one.

If the sound of tires screeching fills your head, I get it. It seems like a huge contradiction for me to tell you not to send alcohol, but to send an alcohol-themed care package. But hang in there with me: if you are willing to be a little punny and very creative, you can send your loved one a unique care package they definitely won’t expect!

This kind of care package is perfect for a 21st birthday or really any birthday if your loved one is a connoisseur of a particular adult beverage. You can also find just the right boozy theme for other special occasions like Halloween or Christmas.

Boozy Care Package Puns

Quit your wine-ing
I’m wine-ing my way through deployment
I decant even with this deployment
Will you accept this rosé?
Wish you were beer
I’m hopped up on you
You are unbeerlievable
You whiskey-ed me off my feet
Time to gin and bear it
Keep your gin up
No cham-pain, no gain
Let’s get fizzical!
Wishing you a hoppy birthday
I hope your birthday rocks
Have a rumbelievable birthday!
Sip sip hooray – it’s your birthday!
Just here for the boos
Let’s get sheet faced
Gingle all the way
Gingle bells
Let’s get into the holiday spirits
Can’t wait to make pour decisions with you
I think you’re neat
You are pitcher perfect
I love you more than (insert your favorite adult beverage here)

Content Ideas

Alright, so you have your fun (and possibly inappropriate) care package design. Now what do you put in the dang box? Of course, any care package staple is perfectly fine to include. If you really want the items to fit your them, feel free to wrap them in themed wrapping paper (I love this beer print) or wrap them in plain paper and decorate them as well!

Greeting CardSoapBeer NutsPretzelsCooper’s CoffeeBrew CandyBeef Jerky – Gummy Bears (Moscow mule, Mojito, Champagne and Mimosa)- Jim Beam Coffee

If you’re looking to send items that are reminiscent of alcohol (but don’t actually contain any), you’re in luck! They do exist! They may not be your “traditional” care package contents so I’d still send some of your loved one’s favorites just in case, but as a special treat, they could be really fun!

Believe it or not, there are quite a few alcohol-flavored snacks (that are actually alcohol free) that would make a great addition to your care package. If you’re hesitant to send an entire box of beer nuts, things like soap, coffee or even a fun greeting card could help carry out your theme.

Ultimately, as with any themed care package, I recommend only sending items that your loved one likes/wants/needs. Don’t send an entire box of the booze-flavored gummy bears if your loved one hates candy!

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