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Care Package Tips Only The Pros Know

There are a few care package tips that are the best of the best and those are the ones that only the pros know! Get them here!

Over the years, I have written a lot of posts filled with care package tips and tricks; everything from putting sports care packages together to how to best pack your box and what items can’t be shipped have appeared on this blog. All of that content is wonderful, but there are a few care package tips that are the best of the best and those are the ones that only the pros know!

My 6 Best Care Package Tips

Use USPS flat rate boxes
Ok so maybe people besides the pros know this one, but it’s worth repeating frequently. Flat rate boxes are going to be one of the cheapest and easiest ways to send military care packages overseas and can be an exceptional choice for packages sent within the U.S. as well.

The three different sizes allow you to send as many items as you’d like and are easy to decorate. You actually can get the box itself for free at any post office (or even online) and pay only when you’re ready to put it in the mail.

Draw inspiration from your loved one
People often tell me what a hard time they’re having coming up with a care package theme or contents because they “aren’t creative”, but in reality, they have everything they could possibly need to come up with a theme and contents.

Their loved one.

The hobbies, favorite teams, movies, food or music and interests of your loved one make excellent starting points for your next care package. When you’re feeling stuck, just think about what they enjoy and go from there. After all, the box is FOR them so it’s only fitting that it be based on things they enjoy.

Decorate your paper flaps and then attach them to the box
File this tip under “things I learned the hard way” and learn from my mistakes. I used to attach my paper to the box and then try put letters or stickers on it.

Ugh. Don’t do that.

Decorate your paper flaps and then attach them to the box.

Include a personal touch
While a box of favorite snacks and magazines is wonderful and something your loved one will certainly appreciate, a personal touch in care packages is a must! A photo, a handwritten note or a spritz of perfume or cologne can help your loved one feel connected to those at home in a way they crave.

Wrap the contents of your box
Part of the fun of Christmas morning is the inherent element of surprise that comes with a pile of wrapped packages. A care package can have the same impact if you wrap its contents!

I did this on a whim for one of my husband’s care packages in order to make all of the contents fit a theme and he LOVED it! He told me specifically how much he enjoyed unwrapping all the items and that it felt like Christmas morning. Anytime you can give an adult that feeling is great, but especially when it’s an adult who is deployed.

Remember what really matters
Pinterest-perfect care packages are great and if that’s your jam, go for it. But above all, you need to remember what the real point of care packages are and it’s not to impress people on social media. It’s to express to your loved one that you care about them, that you miss them, that you want to feel connected to them. They will get that message regardless of whether or not your box lights up, sings or is color coordinated.

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Get care package tips, tricks and secrets from a pro!

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