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15 Amazon Prime Products You Need for Your Care Package

If you're short on time, you can't beat care package shopping via Amazon Prime. Get everything from decorating supplies to care package staples in just days!

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Between this most recent PCS and a lot of care packages, Amazon Prime and I are basically BFFs at this point in my military spouse career. But can you really blame me? It’s so dang convenient: quick shipping, tons of products and I don’t even have to leave my sofa. You can even use a VPN to change country amazon prime if you’re buying things for friends abroad! So it shouldn’t come as a huge surprise when I recommend Amazon Prime as a timesaver when it comes to surviving deployment and putting together care packages!

If you’re short on time and visiting multiple stores just doesn’t seem feasible, you can’t beat Amazon Prime’s little bit of everything that hits your porch within days. You can get everything from decorating supplies to care package staples to one-time surprises your loved one will be thrilled to receive. It’s such a convenient service and, if you want to make some additional savings on your next purchase with Amazon, you should definitely check out Raise for some coupons!

Decorating Supplies from Amazon Prime

People always ask how I make my care packages look so perfect and the answer is two of the items right here! My Silhouette Cameo is hands down my secret weapon and I would not have my shop without it. It’s definitely an investment item, but I’ve used mine for so many things besides just care packages that it was worth the price tag.

Zots Adhesive Dots are my absolute favorite way to attach decorations to the box flaps. They aren’t messy like regular glue, but hold better than tape, especially when you’re attaching multiple layers of paper to each other. They come in multiple sizes and I most often use the medium (pictured in the green box) and small (come in a purple box) sizes.

Care Package Staples from Amazon Prime

One of the best uses of Amazon Prime, in my opinion, is to purchase care package staples quickly and efficiently. Many of us use Amazon Prime for groceries and other household staples, so adding a few care package items to your cart would be a great way to streamline your shopping.

Things like baby wipes, jerky and water flavoring are great to include in every care package and you can stock up without even leaving the house. All of the items I’ve included in my Amazon Prime shopping list contain multiple individually packaged items that you can spread out across multiple boxes. This is a great way to shop just once (or twice) a deployment for your care packages.

Most of the items you purchase via Amazon Prime come in bulk, so make sure to read my bulk shopping tips before you go on a shopping spree!

Care Package Surprises from Amazon Prime

While I’m all about care package staples, and have sent my husband plenty of them, I like to mix it up every now and then with a surprise or two. These items tend to be a bit more expensive, but I space them out throughout a deployment to keep each box’s budget in check. I am a huge Hydro Flask proponent and my husband loves those AfterShokz headphones for working out (something that happens a lot during his deployments). I also like sending sheets in the first care package each deployment so he has something a bit nicer to sleep on. I do make sure to purchase cheaper ones so I don’t mind them staying overseas.

If you’re short on time, don’t stress about shopping for your next care package! Just hit up Amazon Prime and start clicking!

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If you're short on time, you can't beat care package shopping via Amazon Prime. Get everything from decorating supplies to care package staples in just days!

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