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Outdoor-Themed Care Packages

If your loved one is an outdoor fanatic, then you need to start brainstorming ideas for outdoor-themed care packages! Luckily there are as many different themes as there are outdoor activities to enjoy. Get ideas here.

True story: when I first met my husband, I was definitely not what you would consider “outdoorsy.” Ordinarily, that wouldn’t have been a big deal, but he’s 100% what you’d consider “outdoorsy”. Fishing, hiking, camping, boating…you name it, he loves it and is working on getting me on board with them as well.

If your loved one is an outdoor fanatic, then you need to start brainstorming ideas for outdoor-themed care packages! Luckily there are as many different themes as there are outdoor activities to enjoy.

A s’more-themed care package may not be strictly outdoorsy, but it’s definitely my favorite part of camping!

Outdoor Care Package Themes

More than any other themed care package, an outdoor-themed care package needs to be based on your loved one’s favorite activity. If they’re super into hiking, go with that. Is deer hunting their passion? Go with that. Whichever path you take, pick one they enjoy. More on deer hunting though, if this is something you want to get into, you need to know What to Feed Deer: Know What They Love to get them into your trap! Hunting is a yearly sport but seasonally played.

  • Deer hunting: “I miss you deerly”, “my deer, you are the best”, “hey deer, I hunted down a few of your favorite things”, “you’re my trophy buck”
  • Fishing: “I oFISHally miss you”, “of all the fish in the sea, I’m glad you hooked me”, “you’re my favorite catch”
  • Hiking: “I’d climb mountains for you”
  • Camping: “you make me one happy camper”, “our love is so in-tents”
  • Other outdoor activities you could use as inspiration: running, cycling, boating, kayaking, geocaching
  • Animal puns are also a good idea: “hoot hoot you’re so cute”, “owl always love you”, “life is unBEARable without you” or “you’re so foxy”

How to decorate an outdoor-themed care package

The way you decorate your care package depends on the theme you choose, but make use of pre-created elements that add a big oomph to your box. Things like patterned paper (especially camouflage or outdoor scenes), large stickers and even 3-D elements like fabric leaves or flowers can really help get your theme across.

You can find pre-printed paper at most craft stores. This camouflage design could work for a hunting-themed box or you could use this antler design. I also really like this wood grain paper, this grass pattern and this fish pattern for an outdoor-themed care package.

Need ideas on where to shop for your care package supplies? Check out this post.

Camping Care Package

Don’t forget that you can take all the work out of decorating your outdoorsy care package by having me decorate it for you! This camping care package flap set is available in my shop.

Outdoor Care Package Contents

There are so many options for items to include in your outdoor-themed care package and you can customize them based on the theme you’ve selected.

For example, if you’ve opted to go with a deer hunting theme, you could include venison jerky. Certainly if you’ve opted for a camping theme, s’mores supplies or a s’mores-flavored snack could be a great option. You may have a hard time with chocolate melting during the hot summer months so look for alternatives, like these granola bars or Pop-Tarts.

If you choose to send an outdoor care package during prime season for the activity, you can find items to include just about anywhere. For example, I found all these fun camping-themed items in the Dollar Spot at Target! While they may not be as functional as your traditional camping lantern, the small size and cheap price point make them good additions to a box heading overseas. The pocket frisbee and playing cards would make for a nice diversion in your loved one’s free time.

Other great items to include in an outdoor care package are:

  • Trail mix
  • Pine air freshener (or other scent that matches your theme)
  • Headlamp
  • Bug spray (if appropriate for your loved one’s location)
  • Organic honey

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