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How to send an Army-themed care package

Each branch of the military is so unique! Celebrate that with a branch-themed care package. Get ideas for an Army care package here!

Understanding a branch in the military is kind of like learning a new language: all the acronyms, job-specific lingo and ranks can be really confusing at first. But you’ll get them down eventually. And then your loved one heads to a joint command and you have to start all over again.

Why you ask?

Because each branch is so dang different! They may all be part of the military umbrella and have a similar overarching mission, but that’s about where the similarities end. While it may seem a bit overwhelming, it’s actually a good thing because you can use these differences to your advantage and put together a branch-themed care package!

A branch-themed care package allows you to celebrate all the best parts of your branch: slogans, unique aspects and even a little bit of branch-related sarcasm. First up on the branch-themed care package list is the Army, which has so many fun care package ideas!

For most branches, you can make use of the military alphabet to add some fun to your design, especially if you’re spelling out certain words that indicate how you really feel about deployment.


For an Army-themed care package, you can make great use of pre-printed camouflage scrapbook paper. There are many different patterns out there and you may be able to find one that mimics your loved one’s uniform, but don’t worry if it doesn’t match exactly!

Army Care Package Themes

The Army makes frequent use of “Army strong” as a slogan and you should totally take advantage of that for your care package. Other slogans include:

  • Soldier boy (girl) so brave and fine, I’m so glad you’re mine
  • Soldier boy (girl) so brave and fine, won’t you be my Valentine?
  • Hooah!
  • I want YOU back home soon! (A play on recruiting posters from the early 1900s)
  • I heart my soldier
  • Stay safe, sleep with a soldier
  • My heart belongs to someone in the Army

What to put in an Army care package?

In addition to many of the care package staples, you could add a few items specific to your loved one’s branch. Things like uniform items or branch PT gear would be fun additions to the box. You could also add an Army-themed movie or book to the box. Last, but not least, consider sending items from military-owned or affiliated businesses.

Want to send your own Army-themed care package to your loved one? I can help you with that! This design is in my shop and is a great way to simplify your next care package.

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