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Three Things Your St. Patrick’s Day Care Package Must Have

Your loved one will feel extra lucky getting a St. Patrick's Day care package with these must-haves!

Do you celebrate St. Patrick’s Day? It’s not really a holiday I spend a ton of time on, but you can bet that I’ve sent a St. Patrick’s Day care package or two to my super Irish husband while he was deployed. Over the years, I’ve grown to love the holiday for it’s wonderful care package potential, especially when you include a few must haves!

St. Patrick’s Day Care Package Must-Haves

I know, glitter can be a touchy subject, especially when it comes to care packages. Some folks absolutely hate it because it’s messy and tends to stick around forever. I am not one of those folks and completely think it should be added to your care package.

There’s supposed to be an element of mischief to St. Patrick’s Day. I mean come on…you can pinch people for not wearing green? That’s pure mischief! So consider using glittery paper or including a little glitter in your box. They do make glittery paper that doesn’t shed a lot of glitter; when you’re shopping at the craft store, run your fingers across it to see if glitter comes off. If you don’t want to make your loved one too nuts, you could send St. Patrick’s Day-themed confetti instead.

Something boozy 
No, I’m not telling you to send booze in your care package. You can’t do that! But you can send booze-flavored items to represent a favorite part of the holiday for many people. There are quite a few Guinness-flavored items (fudgechips and BBQ sauce) that you could send and still stay within shipping regulations.

What’s a St. Patrick’s Day care package without either of these things? Well, it’s basically a box covered in green paper, that’s all. So add all the shamrocks you can: on the flaps, on the items you send, maybe sprinkled throughout the box. Bonus points if they have glitter on them! You can find a lot of St. Patrick’s Day themed pre-printed paper options with shamrocks already on them, which will make things a bit easier.

You know what makes life even easier? Having someone decorate your care package for you! I have a St. Patrick’s Day care package set available in my shop that will take one more thing off your to-do list. Check it out here.

Even if they can’t celebrate in the traditional fashion, your loved one will feel extra lucky getting a St. Patrick’s Day care package with these must-haves!

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