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Pizza Care Package

If your loved one stole a pizza your heart, send them a pizza care package!

What’s your favorite kind of pizza? Deep dish? Thin crust? Packed with toppings? Just plain cheese? Or, like me, just about any pizza? There’s something about that particular food that always hits the spot and I know I’m not the only one. A pizza care package would be the perfect way to give you loved one a taste of a favorite food from home!

A pizza care package is a fun way to bring a (cheesy) taste of home to your loved one. This box is easy to decorate and put together, plus you can customize it to your loved one’s pizza preferences.

Pizza Care Package Puns

  • Another one (month) bites the crust
  • You stole a pizza my heart
  • I’m sorry this care package is so cheesy
  • I love you more than pizza
  • I’d let you have the last slice

You can buy pre-printed paper to decorate your box or create a “pizza” with any topping you’d like. You could easily use this as a Valentine’e Day care package theme and make the pepperoni shaped like hearts!

Pizza Care Package Contents

When my husband is deployed, he can get “American” food, but it’s never 100% like the real stuff from home. Unfortunately, you can’t send a true meat lovers pizza in the mail, but these pizza care package-friendly snacks may get close.

If your loved one has stolen a pizza your heart, send them a pizza care package!

There are a ton of pizza-flavored foods out there: crackers, chips, even mac and cheese! Of course, most of these fall in the junk food category so if your loved one is eating super healthy, you may want to limit how many of these you send. The Clif pouches are especially interesting since they are better for you than the other options.

If your loved one has stolen a pizza your heart, send them a pizza care package!
ShirtBoxersGreen SocksCompression SleevesBlack Socks

If you don’t want to send your loved one all food, consider some of these fun pizza-themed apparel items! The boxer shorts are so fun and, depending on how into pizza and fitness your loved one is, those compression sleeves could be really useful!

Card 1KeychainCard 2Card 3

The best part of this particular theme is that there are a lot of sentimental items that fit it. Between cards and this sweet keychain, you can add a personal touch to your box.

A pizza care package is probably one of the easiest food-themed care packages to put together because there are so many options for decor and contents. Would you send a pizza care package?

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