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Military Spouse Deployment Survival Care Package

Military spouses have the care package game locked down. Boxes big and small, decorated, filled with love from home consistently make their way to all corners of the world. These boxes bring comfort to service members while they’re deployed and are very important. But what’s equally important is the comfort of the men and women who hold down the home front. Military spouses are just as deserving of care packages as their other halves.

There are a few different companies out there who believe in this idea wholeheartedly.  The Six Box, MilSO Box and Brave Crate all seek to encourage military spouses during deployment. Their creative curated boxes got me thinking about what I would want in a care package, specifically one aimed to help me survive deployment.

While I firmly believe that you can thrive during a deployment, you first have to survive! Getting through the ugly moments of the day is what allows you to fully appreciate the beautiful moments. The act of surviving is not something to be looked down upon, but rather looked at as a stepping stone to fuller life.  Always remember that!

So if I were creating a deployment survival care package for a military spouse, here’s what would go in it!

Military Spouse Deployment Survival Care Package


Oh my word, is this a requirement or what?! I would pack so much patience into a care package that I may need a second box for the rest of the items. A military spouse needs patience with their deployed spouse, with their children, with their pets and with themselves. This change disrupts so much of life and the adjustment may not always be as easy or as quick as we’d like.

On the hard days when emotions are running high and frustration is right at the surface. When the first phone call in weeks drops 3 or 4 times because of a bad signal. When homecoming dates are changed again and it seems as if the end will never get here.

A military spouse needs patience.

A sense of humor. 

A strong sense of humor, that uncanny ability to laugh instead of cry, can get a military spouse through a lot of deployment’s ups and downs. When Murphy’s Law strikes for what seems to be the 400th time in a deployment, being able to see the humor in the situation can be insanely helpful. But there’s more to it than just laughing at a bad situation. A good sense of humor can help military spouses find joy in daily life, even when such a large piece of that life is missing. Being able to laugh at your dog being goofy or at a joke your co-worker told can bring a brief moment of levity to a heart that’s heavy with missing someone.

A journal. 

So much happens during a deployment: you grow as an individual, you grow as a couple, you dream new dreams, accomplish new goals and face the little events that make up a life. It can be so hard to remember all of that and squeeze it into a 15-minute phone call once a week. That’s why I love the idea of a journal in a military spouse deployment care package. It’s a place to write down thoughts and events that would otherwise be forgotten or ignored. You can share them with your spouse when they return home, or keep them to yourself as a place for reflection. Either way, writing down what you do and how you feel during this tumultuous time of your life can be hugely beneficial.

A source of comfort. 

Military spouses going through a deployment need comfort, on the long nights alone, the hard days and everything in between.  The source itself is different for us all, but they’re equally important. For some, it’s a glass of wine or a piece of chocolate. For others, it’s a long run at the end of the day, the warmth of a sleeping dog or the brightness of a fresh bouquet of flowers. No matter what the source itself is, each military spouse needs to find one (or many!) that will help ease the hardship of a deployment.

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A support system.  

Oftentimes a support system can be a military spouse’s source of comfort so that definitely needs to be added to a deployment survival care package! This support system would be helpful, willing to assist with yard work or have you over for dinner when you’re in a low spot. But this support system would also be ready to step back when you need some alone time to wallow or reflect. And then when you’re ready (or perhaps even before you realize you’re ready) that support system swoops in to build you back up.


My military spouse deployment survival care package would have an extra dose of grace and instructions to use liberally. Use it for yourself, dear military spouse, when things seem to be going wrong and you feel like you’re failing or aren’t enough. Use it for your loved ones (including those little ones) when they are testing your patience and you feel like snapping. Use it for your significant other when they aren’t as empathetic as you’d like them to be; they’re facing his/her own trials half a world away. Use it for those around you who don’t seem to understand what you’re going through, likely because you haven’t told them.

My military spouse deployment survival care package would have an extra dose of grace and instructions to use liberally. Click To Tweet

What would you put in a military spouse deployment survival care package?

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