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5 Care Package Themes Perfect To Send Anytime

There's something extra special about sending a random care package. It's kind of like an "I love you" text out of the blue or a note hidden in your work bag. Get ideas for anytime care packages here!

With all of the great holiday-themed materials in the craft stores, it’s pretty easy to decorate a holiday care package. But what about those times in between holidays? Depending on when your loved one is deployed, you may decide to send care packages beyond just the big holidays. Whether you want to brighten a random, regular day for them or they desperately need new undershirts, there are care package themes perfect to send anytime of the year!

I love decorating holiday care packages, but there’s something extra special about sending a random care package. It’s kind of like an “I love you” text out of the blue or a note hidden in your work bag. Sending a non-holiday care package is an extra way to let your loved one know you’re thinking about them all the time.

You make me feel ALL the feels! 

I sent this exact care package to my husband during one of his most recent deployments and did it as a completely random design. It wasn’t our anniversary or any special occasion, but just a regular day. Honestly, I picked the theme because I found some amazing emoji wrapping paper at the store and had to have it! It was filled with basic care package contents, but they were all wrapped in that wrapping paper to make them fit.

You could do a very similar theme using emoji stickers, hand-drawing your emojis or printing and cutting out clipart. You can find emoji wrapping paper online to really complete your theme.

Going nuts without you

When your loved one is deployed, it does kind of feel like you’re going nuts without them, doesn’t it? That’s why this care package theme is perfect no matter when you send it. This particular design is available in my shop and based off a care package I sent my husband early on in our relationship. It’s perfect for the nut lover in your life and I would fill it with every nut snack you can find.

Everybody’s crazy about a sharp dressed man!

When your husband calls you to tell you he’s run out of undershirts less than a month into his deployment, what do you do? You put together a random care package, of course! This is truly an anytime care package design and would be the perfect way to send clothing or uniform parts to your loved one. It’s also a fun design that you could send with other items in it.

Sending you a box of sunshine! 

I’ve seen this box of sunshine design pop up all over the place and it’s for good reason! A box of sunshine is the perfect thing to brighten your loved one’s day at any point in their deployment.  I especially like this particular design that I created for a customer because it also incorporates reasons that she loved her significant other.

You could easily create this on your own with yellow scrapbook paper and stickers or request a custom design from me!

Custom Care Packages

10 things I miss about you/10 things I love about you

The 10 things care package design is perfect to send at any point during a deployment. You can use any paper color or design to personalize it to your loved one. This custom design had a patriotic theme, which is also good for use throughout a deployment. These little mini envelopes were store-bought, but you could create your own version by folding paper in half.

Not sure what to put in your anytime care package? I have lots of care package content ideas here.

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Do you send random care packages during deployment or do you stick to holidays and special occasions?

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