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Five Steps To A Spooktacular Halloween Care Package

Isn’t it spooky that it’s time to talk about your Halloween care package?

See what I did there?

Spooky? Because we’re talking about Halloween care packages?

Sorry. That’s my one of the holiday season, I promise.

It is a little hard to believe that it’s time for Halloween care packages, even if the Halloween aisle in the store has been set up for weeks now.  But Halloween is less than 70 days away so it’s time to start decorating that box! Luckily, a spooktacular Halloween care package is just five easy steps away!

Halloween Care Package

Five Steps To A Spooktacular Halloween Care Package

Pick a fun, festive pattern for the flaps. 

Half of the battle in decorating a Halloween care package is choosing the right paper for the holiday! The black-orange color combination is very popular, but it’s not the only option. You could go with spiderwebs or jack-o-lanterns or even a solid color like in my Halloween care package design. Give yourself time to shop around and find something you really like. There are so many Halloween-themed papers out there that you should have no problem choosing just the right one to fit your theme!

Decorate with lots of Halloween imagery. 

Cats, witches, pumpkins, ghosts, oh my! I think that Halloween care packages are some of the easiest to decorate because there are so many things that scream (pardon the pun) Halloween. Between stickers and cut out elements, the possibilities are endless!

Add some extras.

Fake spiderwebs, fake spiders and cheap costumes can all add to the fun of Halloween for you loved one, no matter where they are.  You can incorporate the fake spiderwebs or spiders into your care package decoration or send them as one of the contents so your loved one can decorate their space. I also love the idea of sending some cheap costumes (think masks or wigs) so they can have their own costume party overseas.

Select care package-friendly candy that your loved one enjoys. 

They make Halloween-themed candy of just about every variety, but some candy will be more trick than treat by the time it reaches your loved one. Avoid items that are primarily chocolate as they will likely melt during shipping. A classic Halloween treat is candy corn, but choose items that your loved one will enjoy. If candy isn’t their thing, consider wrapping other items in orange or black paper to keep the festive feel.

Send trick or treat goodies for your loved one to share. 

Part of the fun of Halloween is dressing up in costumes (Blippi perhaps, if you would like be a hit with kids) and trick-or-treating, right? So why not give that experience to your loved one and his/her coworkers by sending some small goodie bags to share. You could make pre-made bags for everyone or send candy and small bags so they can trick or treat themselves!

There’s no need to let your Halloween care package sneak up on you! Following these five steps will make sending a spooky Halloween care package to your boo easy and fun! You can purchase pre-decorated Halloween care package flaps from my shop here.

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