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Romantic Care Package Gifts

Romantic gifts aren't limited to when a couple is together. There are many romantic care package gifts that are great additions to your next care package. 

Updated: 1/17/20

About three months into dating my husband, I turned 24. Even though we were a new couple, he still got me a gift: a scrapbook so I could record the many adventures we were going to have together. We’ve celebrated quite a few gift-giving holidays since then, but that birthday present (and promise of his plans for the future) is hands down the most thoughtful and romantic one he’s given me. It just goes to show that romantic doesn’t always equal super expensive or showy. Romantic gestures can be really quite simple. It could even be something new and exciting that you both want to try out, enhancing parts of your relationship.

Being romantic during deployment (or any time you’re separated from a loved one) definitely doesn’t seem simple, but it can be done with a little creativity! There are quite a few romantic care package gifts that would be great additions to your next box!

I always advocate for choosing items that will be personal to your loved one’s tastes, hobbies or interests, but this is especially true when you’re hoping to add a little extra romance to your care package. Picking items that seem romantic, but aren’t a good fit for your loved one, won’t give you the results you’re after. Above all else, keep your loved one in mind when choosing what to send! This is why personalized gifts hold such importance! Having a photo that is custom to your partner and you really emphasizes the love you have for each other, such as this Lampe de lune photo personnalisée (a personalized photo lamp in English). This lamp is the perfect addition to your partners nights without you while keeping you in mind with a photo of the both of you lit up.

A lot of people think romantic has to mean something deep or cheesy. That isn’t the case and is especially true if your partner isn’t into that sort of thing. Some people love deep and meaningful romantic things, whereas others would find that sort of thing a bit intense. For the latter type of person, something funny and light-hearted would be better. For example, why not get them one of these epic hero costumes and onesies. You can tell them it’s because they’re you’re hero so that it’s still cute and romantic, without being overly soppy. Just make sure you tailor it to your partners taste.

For example, I asked my husband about what kind of item he’d find romantic in a care package and do you know what he said? “Your perfume.” Apparently something that smells like me is very powerful for him and it brings me into his daily life every time he gets whiff. Something as simple as a letter sprayed with my perfume is super romantic to him. Odds are your loved one will have a similarly simple answer.

Romantic Care Package Gifts

These are just a handful of the many romantic care package contents out there, but I love them all for a variety of reasons. My favorite may be the pull out photo album because it can be so personal; you can choose the photos and add in notes or quotes that have meaning to you and your loved one. Other personalized items include that photo puzzle (you can get them made for you here) and the Love Book. I made one of the Love Books for my husband for our last dating anniversary and it was so fun and easy to do.

A close second on my list of favorites is the lip print keychain because it’s both functional and personal! Its small size makes it perfect to ship in a care package and your loved one can still use it when they return home. The personalized M&Ms are great for a loved one with a sweet tooth. You can add text and a photo to these little candies which would be great for an anniversary care package.

The bracelet may seem like an odd choice, but I love the idea of customizing the coordinates for a significant place: home, where you first met, where you got married, etc. For someone feeling disconnected from home, it would be a great physical reminder of where they come from; every time they see it, they are reminded of home and you. This item would work for a man or woman as well!

While the shave set may not seem super romantic, the thought behind it certainly is. For men in the military, shaving is a necessary evil, but how many of them actually use high quality products, especially while deployed? Odds are your loved one is using whatever is on hand, so pampering them with nicer toiletries is super romantic! You’re essentially loving them from afar, replacing physical touch with shaving cream. This can also be a great idea for woman if you swap out the products for ones she’d like.

What’s the most romantic gift you’ve ever been given?

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