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Five Steps To Personalizing A Care Package

People always say that it’s the little things that are most meaningful and that’s especially true during a deployment. A phone call can change your entire outlook. An email can be something you savor over and over again. And a care package is something that can significantly brighten your loved one’s day, especially when it’s personalized just for them. As important as it is, personalizing a care package doesn’t have to be complicated and your care package doesn’t have to be fancy! A few little touches will go a long way to personalizing a care package.

Five Steps To Personalizing A Care Package

Add photos.

What’s more personal than seeing the faces of your loved ones? Pretty much nothing, which is why adding photos to your care package is a great way to personalize it! You can incorporate them into the decoration or include them in a variety of creative ways. And they don’t just have to be photos of you! Kids, family, friends, pets or favorite places around your hometown all add a personal touch to your care package. As a bonus, your loved one can keep the photos even after disposing of the box and use them to decorate their room!

Personalizing a care package makes all the difference in the world. Your box doesn't need to be fancy; a few simple steps can mean the most.

Decorate with favorite colors and hobbies.

The very act of decorating a care package is a huge step towards personalization! The time and attention you put into a decorated care package may not seem like a lot, but when your loved one opens the box, it means something to them. You can make it even more personal by decorating the box with your loved one’s favorite color or images related to a favorite hobby. Decorating your box in team colors for a favorite sport is an excellent example of personalizing a care package! I have a giant list of care package theme ideas that will help you get started!

Send your loved one’s preferred snacks and products.

This one is kind of a no brainer, but sending items your loved one will actually enjoy is really important to personalizing a care package. While it may be tempting to send an entire box of candy because you have a great theme to go with it, if your loved one doesn’t have a huge sweet tooth or is trying to eat better, they may not enjoy the box as much. Picking favourite brands for snacks and toiletries helps the box feel specific to them. Sometimes you have these thoughtful ideas, but time can get in the way. If this is the case for you when it comes to picking your loved one’s favourite food products and gifting them in a package, you can always find gift baskets and towers that are already prepped. All you have to do is add a few other items to give it an element of a personal touch! There are always ways around these situations.

Spray the inside of the box with your perfume before taping it shut.

Smell is a very powerful memory trigger and can be quite comforting. When my husband is away from home, just one whiff of his cologne or deodorant makes me feel closer to him. That feeling goes both ways! I always spritz a little perfume in my care packages before taping the box shut so that when it’s opened, my husband gets a little reminder of home. As a warning, don’t go overboard on the perfume though, especially if you have clothing for your loved one in there. Being packed in such a sealed space can cause your perfume to get a little overwhelming!

Add your own personality to the care package!

Your loved one loves you and all of your quirks so don’t be afraid to put a few of them in your care package! They will enjoy anything that reminds them of you and life at home. Add a magazine article you enjoyed reading or a movie you really like so they feel as if they’re still with you. You can also add personality through puns (of which I’m a huge fan) or fun wrapping paper that screams you, like this wiener dog wrapping paper in my husband’s birthday care package.

Personalizing a care package makes all the difference in the world. Your box doesn't need to be fancy; a few simple steps can mean the most.

Personalizing a care package is a great way to brighten your loved one’s day. The added love and a few little touches that go into a personalized box will mean so much to your loved one. How to you personalize your care packages?

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