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10 Anniversary Care Package Designs

Anniversaries have a lot of meaning to me and I won’t let a little thing like a deployment keep me from celebrating them. Throughout our years together, I’ve sent my husband more than a few anniversary care packages, reminding him that he’s very loved. In that time, I’ve learned that the beauty of an anniversary care package is that it can be anything you want! Not only this but you can custom make the package itself as well as the contents – have a look at these CTP Custom Boxes for an example! Extra points for the caring thoughtful vibe for your recipient!

An anniversary care package is all about your relationship and what makes it unique: your mutual love of travel, a favorite show, a shared sense of humor or maybe a hope for the future. You can draw inspiration directly from your relationship, but it never hurts to have a few ideas to get started!

Anniversary Care Package Designs

Not all anniversary care package designs have to scream anniversary. I sent this one to my husband during deployment as a regular care package, but it would be great for an anniversary design. You could add a variety of different emojis to show all the different things your loved one makes you feel!

For this military spouse’s first care package, she did a wonderful job! She used pre-made stickers and her own hand-lettering skills along with some great photos. This care package is simple, but beautiful and I know her husband loved it.

This design is a bit out of the ordinary when it comes to anniversary care packages, but it’s so sweet and could completely work! Adding reasons you love your significant other to the box design itself is an extra touch that means a lot. You could also add ways your loved one brightens your day to the items you send in the care package.

This may be one of my favorite anniversary care package designs! The “spooning since 2015” part is so cute and funny; it really reflects the sender’s personality and has so many personal touches. The photos and banner are really sweet additions. I love the “Our Story” piece on the bottom of the box.

This custom anniversary care package design incorporates significant dates, photos and a romantic phrase. You could easily recreate this design using different colors and your own dates.

A great anniversary care package theme centers around the length of time the couple has been together. You could carry this number theme throughout your box by including a breakdown of your relationship: the number of places you’ve visited together, how many dates you went on before your first kiss, etc. You can also use the flaps of your care package to write a love note!

This was a custom anniversary care package design I did for a huge fan of Rick and Morty. She and her loved one always watched the show together and since he was deployed, they’d missed doing that as a couple. This care package combined their love of that show with favorite colors and lots of photos for a design unique to them.

What a sweet care package design that would be great for celebrating a long distance anniversary! I love how you could easily customize this to fit your relationship: change the colors and locations and you have a completely unique design. You could also add photos of you and your loved one to the flaps as well.

I sent this design to my husband for our dating anniversary a few years ago and think it perfectly sums up our relationship! Puns and delicious food are basically my love language so it was the perfect design. You could do this same design with just about any food pun to make it more personal to you and your loved one!

This idea is technically a Valentine’s Day care package, but it could totally work for an anniversary! It’s a little sassy, but you kind of need that in the middle of a long deployment when you’re missing your loved one, don’t you? You could add “happy anniversary” to the bottom of the box or use the contents of your care package to wish your loved one a happy anniversary.

If you’re putting together an anniversary care package, think about which design will represent your relationship. Are you super romantic or silly? Do you have a shared passion or activity that you both do regularly together? The more personal your care package is, the more meaning it will have to your loved one. Ultimately, it’s the love that goes into your anniversary care package that’s the most important!

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