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Super Cool Summer Care Package Themes

Whether your theme is all about a sweet treat or some fun in the sun, a summer care package helps your loved one enjoy the season no matter where they are.  Get ideas here!

Can temperatures really be called a heat wave when they stick around for an entire month? I don’t know about y’all, but my poor air conditioner has been running itself ragged the past few weeks. If there was any doubt whether summer was here, it’s gone now. Unfortunately, not everyone is getting to enjoy a nice long summer vacation. If your loved one is in the military and you’re facing a deployment over the coming months, then you need to start thinking about your summer care package!

The best part about a summer care package is decorating it! So many fun things happen during the summer that there is plenty of summer care package theme inspiration all around you. Choose something about summer that your loved one enjoys and center your theme around it.

A summer care package could be based on the iconic food or weather of the season. For example, you could do an entire ice cream-themed care package or one that focuses on pineapples. S’mores are also a fantastic summer favorite that would be a great care package theme. If you’re not into a food theme, consider using the weather as your theme. A “hot, hot, hot” care package or a “box full of sunshine” are both great summer care package ideas.

Your summer care package theme could also be based on popular summer-time activities. For example, you could send a baseball care package, a BBQ-themed box or even a camping one. Ultimately, you should pick whichever activity your loved one enjoys the most and center your theme around that. It’s even better if you both normally enjoy the activity together during the summer!

Camping Care Package

Another summer care package theme idea comes from the beach! What’s the summer without at least one trip to the beach?! I took some of my own summer care package advice and put together this fun design that tells your loved one exactly how you feel about deployment.

Get ready for summer (and tell your loved one exactly how you feel about deployment) with this beach care package!

I absolutely love how this beach care package turned out! It incorporates all the fun of a day on the coast with all the hate we all feel for deployment.  I’m kidding…kind of. The tongue-in-cheek nature of the saying will be sure to put a smile on your loved one’s face. The beachy elements like the flip flops, sea shells and sand castle really add a lot of fun to this summer care package.  You can get your own beach care package in my shop right now!  It’s the perfect way to decorate a super cool (and easy) summer care package.

Summer care packages should be fun and full of all the best parts of the season! Whether your theme is all about a sweet summer treat or some fun in the sun, a summer care package is a great way to make sure that your loved one enjoys the season no matter where they are.

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