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My Fleeting Summer: A Life Update

Somehow I blinked in March and it was suddenly the end of June. How did that even happen?! Each of the days seemed to take a year and a half to end, but the weeks and months have flown. I suppose that’s the way it always goes, but this year it seems especially true.

At the beginning of this year, I selected “growth” as my word of the year and I’ve tried very hard to keep that mentality throughout all aspects of my life. I’ve been more successful in some areas than others, but am hoping that the second half of the year will bring a bit more balance.


Each day, my “real” job gets busier and occupies more of my time and mental energy, but in a good way. We are trying new things, pushing boundaries and I’m really proud of the work my department is doing. This has been the busiest spring and will be the busiest summer at my day job in recent memory. The constant go-go-go mentality we’ve had since January has gotten a bit tiring at times, but I’ve tried to use that as a learning opportunity for both self-care and being more efficient.

The next month will be especially busy as we travel for a week-long event in Seattle and then again for another three-day event in Chicago. I’m excited to have the opportunity to travel as part of my job, but I know that I will be very happy to see my own bed again!

Countdowns and Cupcakes

Real talk here for a second: I’ve struggled a bit during the second quarter in keeping the momentum going for the blog and business. A lot of days, something has to give and unfortunately, the side hustle gets pushed to the side a bit more than I’d like. I do have big plans for the last half of the year and hope to fit everything in. I’m trying to work more efficiently, while still providing great content. My focus is going back to care packages and care package-related content, so be on the lookout for more of that! Unfortunately, I did pick quite a time-consuming side hustle. Maybe I should’ve looked into something like cryptocurrency. That’s a more straightforward investment, and investors can even find trading bots, like BitQT (read these bitqt opinie or bitqt reviews here), to do the trading aspect for them. This saves investors from sitting at their computers all day. Perhaps that would’ve been a better option.


Despite a crazy few months both behind and ahead of us, we have managed to squeeze in some fun along the way! It’s been difficult at times to prioritize fun and family time, but I think the busy schedules have actually caused us to focus on making the most of the fun time we do have.

In the past few months, we’ve visited the Outer Banks, went to our first military ball together and fed giraffes at the NC Zoo! We also got to see Sugarland in concert, which I highly recommend because they were fabulous. I’ve experienced a bit of wanderlust and desperately want to travel and explore new places, so it’s probably good I have so much work travel ahead.

This past month, A and I did Whole30 together in an effort to curb some really bad eating habits we’d developed during the busiest part of the late spring. It was my idea, but I was still skeptical at first as to whether or not we could actually do it. Well, as of the publishing of this blog post, we’re almost done and it really wasn’t that bad! The first few days were hard and we definitely fought some cravings here and there, but ultimately, neither of us ever felt truly deprived of anything. Well except maybe a donut every now and then. We tried out so many new recipes, many of which will make repeat appearances even when the Whole30 timeline is up. In fact, we plan to continue eating as close to this plan as possible, with some breaks for weekends of course.

My husband has taken some big steps himself and signed up for classes to finish his degree! He starts in August and I’m so excited for him. I’m a little jealous which makes me start dreaming about going back to school myself. And than I think back to the whirlwind that was the past few months and tell myself to slow down a bit.

Life sure has been busy around here lately, but I’m honestly not sure I would have it any other way! Tell me, what have you been up to lately?

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