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Gifts for Military Kids

Need a little something special for the military kid in your life? These gifts for military kids are perfect options!

Military kids are so unique. They endure a different set of challenges than civilian children and do so with flexibility and adaptability that even adults envy. So it stands to reason that gifts for military kids should be as unique as they are! To make a gift even more unique, customizing it will make it all the more special as it’s now designed for only one recipient. For example, a custom sequin pillow may just make the perfect gift for a child, especially if it has the parent they’re missing on there. To continue on from this, you could keep the customized picture idea but incorporate it into something they can play with – you could let them Enjoy your Photo Puzzle that you picked out for them for a heartfelt gift. Or, if your child is friends with a military child, they might want to make them something special. Bracelets are a good idea, and they could have one each so that when they look at their wrists and see a twinkle in the night, they’ll know it’s their friend, no matter where in the world they are. You could opt to give your child memorabilia or a keepsake of your spouse who is deployed to another country, such as a cute photo t-shirt, a custom blanket, or some Personalised photo Keyrings with a family picture in it. Whether you’re shopping for a birthday, Christmas, or even just a random deployment pick-me-up, these gifts for military kids are the perfect thing to give the littlest ones on the home front. A lot of military children like having comforters to take with them wherever they are moved to, so these silicone baby dolls are a pretty good place to start.

Gifts for military kids

Not every gift for a military kid HAS to be camo, but a little camo never hurt, right? I love this bow for a homecoming or any other military occasion. These headbands from Nomadic Nation (a military spouse-owned company) would be great for older military kids as well!

There are so many cute t-shirts for military kids that it was hard to narrow the choices down to just six, but these stood out above the rest. The R.Riveter onesie and the “Because of the Brave” t-shirt are both from military spouse owned companies and so stinking cute! I also love the “I bloom where I’m planted” one because it’s so incredibly accurate!

I love the cute designs on both these items. A growth chart would be such a wonderful gift to a new baby, especially one that’s portable and PCS-proof like this.

How precious are those wooden vehicles? They would definitely stand up to the test of time; I really like the look of wooden toys over plastic toys so these are perfect. You could then get the little wooden soldier to go with them for a full set. Of course, no list of gifts for military kids would be complete without a daddy/mommy doll. These huggable plush versions of a deployed parent are a great way to help little ones cope with a long separation. If you want to get your little one something that can give them hours of fun, look on best for mums best trikes for 1 year olds online, to see what trikes you can get for your military child, if you’re feeling creative grab a paintbrush and some paint, and paint cameo on it, a unique and special trike just for your military child!

Gifts for military kids should be as unique as the kids themselves! These fun ideas are perfect for any occasion when you want to treat the military child in your life.

P.S. don’t forget that my kids’ care package also makes an excellent gift for the military child in your life!

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