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Five Reasons Military Kids ROCK!

Whether it's deployment or a PCS, military kids are with their parents every step of the way and are an important part of the support system for military service members.

Can I hear it for military kids? The primary focus of this blog is military spouses and while we are amazing, it’s high time that we give the littlest members of the military family some attention. They certainly deserve it! Whether it’s deployment or a PCS, they are with their parents every step of the way and are an important part of the support system for military service members.  Let’s be honest, they flat out rock, don’t they?

Five Reasons Military Kids ROCK!

They’re resilient as all get out. 

I think all kids are more resilient than we give them credit for, but especially military kids! Whether it’s dealing with a parent’s absence or getting used to a new town/home/school, they have a way of adapting that most adults envy. Despite all the curveballs life throws at them, they turn out to be fairly well adjusted and normal adults. Military kids roll with the punches better than anyone else I know.

They learn important life lessons early on. 

Military spouses learn a lot about life and other people as part of their role, but so do military kids. At a very young age, they learn to make the most out of their time because things could change overnight. They learn the importance of sacrifice and, at the risk of sounding cliche, that freedom doesn’t come free. Thanks to frequent moves, they have a perspective of the country (and the world!) as well as different cultures that most people don’t get until they’re much older.

They’re independent, but know the importance of teamwork. 

As difficult as solo parenting is for everyone involved, I think there is a hidden benefit for kids. One parent means less attention to divide between little ones.  When just mom or dad is home, kids may need to be a bit more independent because they have less parental oversight. That’s a good thing! Children will also learn to help out the parent who’s home as well as their siblings. This kind of forced teamwork and the example of teamwork set by their military parent are great lessons early on in life.

They’re brave. 

I’m not sure enough can be said about the bravery of military kids. To watch their parent(s) go off to war and hold it together enough to go to school, play and still be kids? That’s bravery.

To walk into a new school every two to three years and make friends, get the hang of a new routine and continue on with hobbies? That’s bravery.

To see a parent struggle during deployment and try to help them out when they don’t even understand what’s happening? That’s bravery.

They really didn’t choose this life, but serve anyway. 

It’s often said that military spouses don’t choose the military lifestyle, and while that’s certainly partially true, it’s entirely true with military kids. They literally did not choose this lifestyle, but find themselves along for the bumpy ride anyway.

They still wait: wait for dad to be home, wait for mom to get orders, wait to make new friends. They still worry: worry about what their new school will be like, worry if their parent will be home for Christmas/their birthday/the first day of school, worry what’s going to happen when the boots come out and the bags get packed. They still sacrifice: sacrifice time with family both extended and immediate, sacrifice summers at the pool thanks to a PCS, sacrifice a little bit of innocence as they watch their parents go to war.

Military kids rock every day, but it’s nice to take a month to celebrate them a bit more!

In honor of Month of the Military Child, I’m very excited to share my most recent project: my limited-edition filled kids’ care packages! There are so many care package shops for military service members and spouses, but nothing for little ones. That needs to change! This has been a labor of love and I couldn’t be happier with the way these curated boxes turned out.  These boxes are a great fit for a child between 3 to 7 years old whose parent is deployed or away from home during an important time.  Each box comes with everything you see below and has fun personalization options.

Military kids' care package

Box contents: 4″ x 6″ hand-painted picture frame, colored pencils and pencil sharpener, letter template notecard perfect for new writers, blank notecard waiting for artwork or a handwritten message and a handwritten note from the deployed family member to the child.

Check this care package out in my shop and order one for your brave, resilient and amazing military kid today!

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