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Military Spouse Profile: Brittany From Chocolate Soup and Simply Happy Life

There are so many amazing military spouses out there kicking butt on a daily basis that deserve to be recognized and I’m excited to feature one of them each month with my Military Spouse Profile series. If you’re interested in sharing your story (or know someone who might), please send me an email!

Introduce yourself to my readers! Tell us a little bit about who you are.

Hi, I’m Brittany! Owner of Chocolate Soup and Simply Happy Life. I’m a mother to a very spunky and sassy three year old little girl, and standard poodle. I’m lucky to be navigating life and parenthood with my best friend and am an avid coffee lover and wine enthusiast!

What inspired you to start your blog or business?

My first company, Chocolate Soup, came about because my grandmother taught me how to sew when I was three and I have literally been doing it ever since! I wanted to create a job that I was passionate about and combined the love of my daughter with making clothing. Simply Happy Life, came from this because I wanted to help other entrepreneurs or mothers be able to follow their passions and make it into profit and be able to work from home!

What’s the main message you hope your blog shares with your readers?

I want to share through both my companies that family is most important and I try to lead very family-focused businesses and just want to see more people be able to go after their true passions and be able to create their own job to allow them inevitably to spend more time with their families and loved ones.

What is your favorite part of being a military spouse?

I think it’s the support and love from the people and families that are apart of the military. I’ve met some truly amazing people and just feel there is a true sense of pride and community, I enjoy being a part of that.

Tell us a little bit about your journey as a military spouse-the ups and downs, lessons learned, etc.

Before I met my Army man, the military was completely foreign to me. I remember him telling me on our first date what he did and I just told him I had no idea what he was talking about! So, this has been a huge learning process for both myself and my family! We did long distance for a little over a year because I wasn’t ready to leave being so close to my family. That was really hard, but I think ultimately was the right decision for us at the time because I was still sorting out what I wanted to do with my career. I think the biggest lesson learned is just open communication and making sure you’re on the same page and having a great support system!

What’s the number one piece of advice you would give a new military spouse?

I would say to do what works best for you and your family. I have witnessed so many spouses working the military lifestyle in different ways and I would say shrug off the judgement and do what’s best for you guys!

What or who has been the biggest help or source of support to you in your role as a military spouse?

I would say my mother-in-law! Especially when he was deployed she was really there for me as someone to talk to who had seen him through many deployments before and was able to help me know what to expect and was there to talk to when things went came up.

Do you have a favorite place the military has taken you? What is it and why?

Washington D.C! I had never even gotten the chance to visit before we were stationed here, but I really love the area and there’s plenty to do when family and friends visit!

Just for fun:

  • Favorite Netflix binge-worthy watch? Just one? We are big Netflix and chill people, probably would say The Mick. It’s widely inappropriate and hilarious at the same time.
  • What’s your favorite hobby?  Sewing! I still consider it my hobby even after I’ve turned it into my career.
  • Chocolate or vanilla?  Chocolate!
  • Tell us a random fact about yourself. I have dual citizenship – I’m American and English.

Thanks so much to Brittany for sharing her story! I love that she’s found time to start not just one, but two companies while managing being a military spouse. Rock on! Check her out with Chocolate Soup (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest) as well as Simply Happy Life (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest).

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