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Spring Care Package Contents

Who's egg-cited about spring care packages? Your loved one sure will be, especially if you send these contents!

A few weeks ago, we had the most glorious 75 degree weather and I thought “yes, spring is here! Let’s break out the flip flops and celebrate!” Today the high was 47 and I had to break out the dog sweater for poor B. He did not celebrate. Luckily, I know spring will eventually get here. If you want to speed up the process a bit for your loved one no matter where they are, a care package is a great idea, especially if it’s filled with these spring care package contents.

For a lot of people spring is synonymous with Easter and that’s awesome, but I tried to mix it up a bit and choose other spring-themed items in addition to a few Easter favorites.  Pastel colors, fresh bright flavors and plants all say spring to me.

Spring care package contents

  • Coloring book: the cover of this coloring book is what grabbed my attention. The sun, the dragonfly and the floral background all say spring to me! It would be a nice relaxing way for your loved one to unwind after a long day and may even add a little cheer to a drab room.
  • Lemon shortbread cookies: I don’t know why, but lemon and spring go together perfectly in my mind. And while I would love to send these lemon sugar cookies, these packaged shortbread cookies probably are safer bets when it comes to spring care package contents.
  • Bunny tea diffuser: how cute is this for the tea lover in your life?! It’s small enough to fit in a care package and is actually useful if you send along some tea leaves as well.
  • Bean Boozled: this is a spin on the classic jellybean idea for spring/Easter.  Some of the flavors may not be the best, but it sure would be a fun distraction for your loved one (and his/her co-workers) during deployment.
  • Reese’s carrot: I normally don’t suggest sending chocolate in care packages because it melts, but this is so cute that I would honestly try it for my husband.
  • Fake plant: spring’s best attribute is definitely the flowers, but what happens when your loved one is deployed to the middle of a desert? You send fake flowers! Something small like this succulent or a fake potted flower could be a nice addition to your spring care package contents.
  • Easter eggs: these are kind of a given with spring care packages, but you could mix it up by filling them with small treats or even little love notes.  You could also send filled eggs for your loved one to pass out to co-workers or hide for them in a grown-up egg hunt!

Not pictured is this adorable sponge painting craft for kids that would make an excellent addition!

Spring may be dragging its feet, but you don’t have to! Spring care package contents are in the store now, so shop before they make the switch to summer goodies.  Not all care package contents need to be edible so keep an eye out for floral or pastel items that your loved one could use. You could also wrap items in pastel-colored wrapping paper if they don’t fit your theme well.

What would you add to my list of spring care package contents?

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