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(Even More) Open When Letter Ideas

Already sent your open when letters? Here are more ideas!

About a year ago, I shared a list of open when letter ideas and y’all loved them! I get why: they’re a great way to be a part of your loved one’s daily life, no matter where they are. Plus they’re small and you can send a bunch of them at once! So today, I’m sharing even more open when letter ideas to help you keep your loved one supplied with plenty to open.

I like to send my open when letters throughout deployment, but you could send them all at once when your loved one arrives or even put them in their bag to take with them.

(Even More) Open When Letter Ideas

Open when you’re bored: a word search, a fun article to read or one of those fun mini puzzles

Open when you’re missing the kids: letters, artwork or pictures of your little ones

Open when you need a kiss: put on bright red lipstick and kiss a piece of paper multiple times. Then cut them out so they have a ton of kisses in the envelope.

Open when you need to rant: paper, a pre-addressed envelope and instructions to write it all down

Open when you’re sick: cough drops, travel packet of tissues and some vitamins.

Open when right before you see me again: this could be as sassy or sweet as you want it to be.

Open when you miss my face: send photos of every angle of your face

Open when you feel scared: send an encouraging note that reminds them everything will be ok.

Open when we’ve had an argument: send an apology note that reminds them how much you love them.

Open when it’s your birthday: send a singing card (bonus if it’s you singing!)

Open when it’s our anniversary: recount the moment you realized how much you cared about them or another good time.

Open when you feel naughty: this one can be as R-rated as you want to be, but just remember that it may fall into other hands!

Open when you’re ready to celebrate an accomplishment: send a little silly achievement certificate

Open when you need to feel energized: those mini energy drinks would be a good fit

Open when you want to rock out: send an iTunes gift card for new music (and include a few recommendations)

What open when letter ideas would you add to my list?

Already sent a big batch of open when letters, but need more ideas? Here are even more ideas for your open when letters!


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