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Winter Date Ideas

Winter Date Ideas

I know spring and summer tend to get all the date attention with their warm weather and outdoor activities, but winter deserves more credit! The cozy blankets, warm fires and the romance of snowy nights are truly the makings of a picture-perfect date. If you’re willing to get creative, you can come up with so many fun winter date ideas!

A lot of winter date ideas focus on the holidays or snow day activities, but let’s be honest, that only covers a small portion of the winter season. There are so many winter dates that aren’t holiday-themed or snow-dependent, even a few that you can do outside! The key to a good winter date (or any date for that matter) is lots of time spent together so ultimately it’s important to do something you both will enjoy.

Winter Date Ideas

Living room camp out

Drag all of the blankets, pillows and sofa cushions into the living room and set up camp for the night. Watch movies, eat snacks and snuggle by the fireplace. This is a great, low-key date idea that won’t break the bank and still allow you to reconnect. You can also add in little ones fairly easily.

Binge-watch a TV series

While you’re camped out on the living room floor, you’re going to need something to watch. Pick a TV series or set of movies and record a load of episodes using your DVR. However, if you don’t own a DVR, there’s a source here with some valuable information on how you can get your hands on one.

Ice skating

Ok so maybe this one does involve snow a little bit, but you can also find indoor ice skating rinks. Follow up your best pairs skating routine (or frequent falls) with a little hot chocolate (or adult beverage) and you’ve got a great date.

Watch a sunrise/sunset

Sunrise and sunset watching have long been a date staple and this doesn’t change during the winter. With the shorter days of winter, you won’t even have to get up too early to catch a sunrise!

Board game tournament

This idea will be better if it’s a group date and a few couples participate. Pick games that aren’t too complicated and involve a lot of group participation. Options like Cards Against Humanity and Catchphrase will be sure to bring out the laughs. The Oregon Trail Card Game is also a good option, especially for those of us who played the computer game as children.

Visit a museum

Museums are great additions to your list of winter date ideas because they aren’t weather dependent. Plus you’ll walk away having learned something during your date which is always nice. Admission varies on museum topic and location, but many are free or offer discounted tickets for students or military.

Go indoor rock climbing

Winter date ideas don’t all have to be inside and involve snuggling! This is a great time to try an indoor activity like rock climbing. It’s fun, gets your blood pumping and is something you can both learn together.

Go see a play

You don’t have to travel to New York City to see great theater. Most major cities play host to traveling plays throughout the year and the winter is a great time to see one! If ticket costs are a bit too high for your budget, consider going to a matinee instead. Same performance, cheaper tickets. Colleges and universities also frequently put on plays (or have traveling productions stop there) and those tickets are usually VERY reasonably priced.

Theme dinner night

One of my favorite winter date ideas is cooking with my husband, especially if it’s a new dish. You could totally have a theme-dinner night (think Italian, French or even nostalgic comfort food) and make the cooking part of the fun.

Go to an arcade

Arcades are not just for teenagers. Places like Dave & Buster’s are more and more popular among adults, especially since they have adult-only hours and serve alcohol. Plan to eat and drink as you try to win as many tickets or points as possible. Surprise your loved one with a prize you won for a fun keepsake!

Go bowling

Bowling sounds a little cheesy when it come to date nights, but it can actually be fun! Make it a contest and have the loser buy dinner or drinks.

Volunteer together

There are so many great causes out there in need of donated time and talent. Choosing an organization that appeals to you both and spending a day giving back is a unique twist on the date night concept.

Test your teamwork at an escape room

I think my husband and I are going to give this one a shot! These escape rooms are all the rage right now and can be a bit pricey, but seem like a blast. If you didn’t want to pay the escape room prices, you could always make a DIY escape room instead. This could be great for bonding as well as saving you lots of money. Or, you could go and visit a local escape room instead. This is also a fun group outing idea for multiple couples or even single friends to join you. If you find yourself in Atlanta, Paranoia Quest escape rooms are a fantastic test of your ability to work together. They’re great for date night, birthday parties, team building exercises and a host of other occasions.

Rent a cabin and have a romantic weekend getaway

This is probably the ultimate (and priciest) winter date idea on my list, but it should definitely stay on your list. A weekend getaway is kind of like two or three weeks worth of dates combined into one outing and it can be really refreshing! Check sites like Groupon Getaways for deals that can make it much more affordable.

Share your winter date ideas in the comments below! For more date ideas, check out some of my other blog posts!

Winter Date Ideas

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