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What To Put In Your St. Patrick’s Day Care Package

What to put in your St. Patrick's Day care package: ideas for food, clothing and fun items

Did you know that St. Patrick’s Day is right around the corner? Well, it is if you’re planning a care package; with just under a month to go until March 17, now is the time to get your box decorated and filled. I genuinely like filling holiday care packages because you usually have so many more options that fit your theme. Plus you get to flex your creative muscles when it comes to translating holiday favorites to care package-friendly contents.

St. Patrick’s Day care package contents

Food: food is a go-to for most care packages and St. Patrick’s Day is no exception.  The good thing about holiday care packages is that most major companies produce packaging or products to fit the holiday. Products like Goldfish, Pringles and M&Ms all release St. Patrick’s Day products that fit your care package perfectly.

Edible content ideas for your St. Patrick's Day care package

Other food items that fit a St. Patrick’s Day theme include just about anything with green packaging; things like gum, certain candies and Emerald nuts all come with green packages. Skittles (taste the rainbow) and Lucky Charms are also great care package additions for St. Patrick’s Day because they relate to the holiday.

While everyone thinks of alcohol, specifically beer, with St. Patrick’s Day, you know you can’t ship alcohol so it’s time to get creative! These Guinness-flavored products (fudge, chips and BBQ sauce) are a fun way to add a little extra Irish flair to your care package.  You could you also look for Irish whiskey flavored items, like this fudge. As a word of caution, fudge will likely melt if temperatures are too high so definitely consider all of your options.

I also love the idea of putting together little mini care packages for your loved one to share with co-workers.  These rainbow tubes are really cute and easy to put together. The only concern here would be the chocolate melting during shipping, but depending on where you’re shipping them and how long it will take, you may be ok.

Clothing: there is a whole market of clothing just for St. Patrick’s Day, so your choices are almost unlimited.  I selected these two items because they’re the most versatile. Most of the time your loved one will wear their uniform while deployed so having a bunch of holiday clothing may not be the most useful. The socks and t-shirt (which also comes in a “luckiest mom” version) below could easily be worn beyond just St. Patrick’s Day. The t-shirt could be so fun if you were letting your significant other know that you’re expecting right around the holiday!

Toiletries: for some reason, a lot of toiletries (especially those targeted to men) come in green packages. Irish Spring products have the perfect packaging for this theme as does Dove. Some brands (and flavors) of mouthwash are also green.  If you’re looking for something a little more obviously St. Patty’s Day, there are some really cute shamrock soaps on Etsy.

Greeting cards: odds are you sent a greeting card in your Valentine’s Day care package, but why not send one in this one too? They make some really cute (and sometimes slightly inappropriate) ones on Etsy that I’ve linked below, but don’t feel like you have to buy one! You could easily make one yourself with some card stock, markers and stickers. This is also a great way to get your little ones involved in putting together this care package.

Other items: part of the fun of a holiday care package is that you get to send holiday-themed items and I found some really cute ones for St. Patrick’s Day.  My favorite has to be the coffee mug. Even though alcohol is a no-no, my husband basically lives on coffee when he’s deployed so this mug would be a funny addition. I also like the idea of sending a drink container that keeps things cold or hot, especially if it fits the theme.  The tumbler below is really cute, but maybe not something your loved one would use every day. A green Hydroflask water bottle is a great alternative for year-round use. I can personally vouch for what a good job they do of keeping my drinks cold.  You could also send lottery tickets as a fun extra!

Whether you’re sending food or sassy greeting cards, there are tons of great products to send in your St. Patrick’s Day care package! Don’t forget that my St. Patrick’s Day care package design is on sale now; order yours before they sell out!

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