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I Did Something Crazy This Weekend

I did something crazy this weekend.

With an unexpected day off from my day job, my husband and I went on a day date: bowling, window shopping and lunch out.

“We used to do so much during the weekends, but we haven’t been as active lately.” My husband said this as we were talking about how much fun we’d had during the day and it struck a chord with me. For about the past year, we hadn’t spent a whole lot of time adventuring together, something that I love doing on the weekends.

Now, all of that being said, my husband and I do spend time together, but with busier professional lives, the weekend excursions have taken a backseat. Usually I am fitting a week’s worth of content creation into a few days while he recovers from a very exhausting week.  Granted, we do it while sitting near each other, but it’s just not the same is it? Then when you fit in regular house maintenance, any sort of personal maintenance (like the gym) and regular adult errands (laundry and grocery shopping), there has been a shortage of fun.

That’s what made Saturday so wonderful.

There are a lot of things we both probably SHOULD have been doing, like finishing the yard work or getting ahead on blog posts, but it was nice to put the to-do lists away for a little bit and have some fun.

And that got me thinking: why was this one afternoon so unusual? Isn’t the whole point of working this hard to give ourselves the freedom to enjoy life? Certainly that’s the idea of trying to run my own business and be my own boss, so why is it keeping me from doing things?!

Answer: because I’m letting it. I’ve allowed myself to stop making my personal life a priority and no matter how much butt-kicking I’m doing professionally, I just don’t feel whole when my personal life slips through the cracks.  I need to make it a “have to” instead of just a “want to”.

I mentioned on Instagram last week that I felt like I needed to recharge. In reality, I think I needed to reprioritize.  Do I have to put out three new blogs posts a week? Probably not. Do I have to launch a new product twice a month? Probably not. Do I need to push my business to grow so hard that I forget to enjoy what I’m doing? Definitely not.

What do I need to do? 

I need to workout regularly for my physical health.

I need to soak up the precious time I have with my husband right now.

I need to seek out opportunities for growth, both personally and professionally, but not at the other’s expense.

I need to set limits for my professional endeavors so they do not consume my entire life.

That’s it. When you really narrow down your to-do list into the true have to list, it suddenly doesn’t seem so overwhelming.

So what does that mean for Countdowns and Cupcakes?

It means I’m not going anywhere, just slowing down a bit. There will still be care packages, deployments and dogs (the most important one, clearly). I will still be on social media connecting and engaging with you all.  I may post on the blog a little less frequently, but the content I do post will be better and not written at 11 pm when I’m half-asleep. I may not add as many new products each month, but the ones I do add will be the ones I feel really good about!

And most importantly, I will get better at this whole work-life balance thing.

Have you ever had to slow down in one area of your life in order to give much needed attention to another area? How did you do it?

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