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Six Last Minute Date Ideas

Easy and quick last minute date ideas perfect for Valentine's Day

How many of y’all had Valentine’s Day sneak up on them? Yeah, I understand. Even with all the in-your-face advertising, so many folks find themselves scrambling to put together an evening for their significant other. So you come home with some wilted grocery store flowers and that’s the end of it, right? It doesn’t have to be! Even the biggest procrastinator can put together one of these last minute date ideas.

The key with these last minute date ideas is that they don’t need that much planning, but are still impactful. You will likely need to pick up a few items on your way home from work, but these ideas don’t require reservations or tickets. If you aren’t normally a Valentine’s Day rockstar, break out one of these ideas and step up your game.

Last Minute Date Ideas

1. Pop some popcorn, break out the chocolate and have a movie marathon. Choose a theme like romantic comedies, musicals, super heroes or even thrillers and try to pick movies neither of you have seen.

2. Have a super fancy dinner…at home with takeout. Seriously, go all out. All you would need to do is search for ‘takeout restaurants near me‘ and choose your favorite Chinese restaurant and order off. Break out tablecloths and candles, the fancy dishes, and get dressed to the nines before having pizza or Chinese food.

3. Have a board game night and place a friendly bet on the winner. Try classics like Monopoly and Battleship or new favorites like The Oregon Trail card game or Catchphrase. You could also play online board games like Colonist (to get started, check out this website) and maybe even invite another couple over for some extra fun and stakes.

4. Write and exchange love letters (bonus if you read them out loud to each other). Ok so this one will require a little work on both of your parts, but it’s such a sweet idea that I couldn’t skip it.

5. Candlelit floor picnic. How romantic would this be?! You could eat takeout, make something fancy or just have a regular weeknight dinner. The idea here is to have an indoor picnic full of candlelight (and maybe a glass or two of wine), conversation and together time.

6. Have an at-home chocolate tasting. People are all aboard the wine tasting train and it’s ok, but show me a place where I can try like 12 different kinds of chocolate without judgement and you will have my heart forever. It would so cool to bring home a bunch of different brands and types of chocolate to find your favorite. You can find some variety at the regular grocery store, but I am always impressed with the selection at World Market. They have so many different flavors!

Don’t be a Valentine’s Day dud this year! Even if it’s last minute, you can still put together an evening for you and your significant other that’s fun and unique. Do you have any suggestions for last minute dates? Add them in the comments so all the procrastinators can benefit!

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