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Movie Care Package

Movie Care Package

Raise your hand if Netflix has judged you with its “Are you still watching?” message during a binge-watching session? Yeah, me too. On lazy weekends, my husband and I often lose a few hours (or more) to a new addicting series. As boring as it may seem from the outside, those weekends are some of my favorites and have inspired my newest movie care package design.

I’ve written before about date night care packages, including ideas for a movie care package, and love the concept of sending them during a deployment. Being separated by timezones and distance does not mean you need to stop dating your loved one, even if the date changes a bit in concept.

This movie care package not only works for a deployment date night, but it also gives a little hint at date nights to look forward to at home. The bottom paper features a bold red and black color scheme along with a little bit of sass to put a smile on your loved one’s face.  I don’t often combine fonts, but like the contrast between the block and script fonts.

Movie Care Package

The four flaps feature shimmery black paper and movie-going must-haves.  The soda, film reel and popcorn bucket feature multiple layers of paper to make them as authentic as possible. My favorite is definitely the popcorn bucket and the individual popcorn kernels.  I love the way it turned out!

Movie care package flaps

Another one of my favorite features is the movie tickets that I’ve customized a bit so they fit a deployment care package.

Movie care package detail

You could include a wide variety of items in this movie care package including popcorn, popcorn seasoning, other movie snacks, movies, soundtrack CDs and entertainment magazines.  It could be a lot of fun to watch the movie together (if you can manage to find a strong enough internet signal, almost as if you’re together.

This movie care package is now available in my shop and ships for free!

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Movie care package

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