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Galentine’s Day Ideas

When you’re not in a relationship (or if you’re a military spouse separated from your loved one) it can feel like there’s nothing for you on Valentine’s Day. I beg to differ. If celebrating with a significant other isn’t an option, you should celebrate all the other people you love! There are ways to share the love with family, co-workers and neighbors, but the most popular non-romantic Valentine’s date has to be friends. Luckily there are so many wonderful Galentine’s Day ideas that will have you and your best friends feeling the love on the 14th!

My husband and I have spent a lot of Valentine’s Days apart throughout our relationship and I’ve always been lucky enough to celebrate with some fantastic friends. While it won’t take the sting out of missing my husband entirely, celebrating Galentine’s Day certainly puts some of the fun back into the day.

The key to any of these Galentine’s Day ideas is that they’re fun and different from the normal Valentine’s Day romantic activities. Ultimately, just about any activity can work for Galentine’s Day as long as it’s something you and your friends enjoy. You could even combine some of these ideas and make a whole day (or evening) of it.

Galentine’s Day Ideas

Take a class

I’ve found the best way to avoid focusing on missing my husband is to try something new that’s just for me. If you add in a friend or two, that makes it even better. Class ideas include cooking, painting, pottery, workout, photography or wine tasting. If you opt for that last one, definitely plan to take a cab or have a designated driver!

Have a fancy donut date

And I mean super fancy: try one with funky toppings and unique flavors. Sit in the donut shop, savor your treat and enjoy the conversation. You could also do the same thing at a coffee shop, ice cream store or bakery. The point here is to treat yourself and slow down long enough to enjoy it.

Do something physical

If you’re feeling down about not spending Valentine’s Day with a significant other, you may really want to spend all your time on the sofa, watching Netflix and eating candy. But I don’t think you should, instead get a Galentine and get moving! Go for a run, take a nice long walk, take a yoga class or try rock climbing. Not only will it keep you from wallowing, but you may even enjoy yourself.

Have a spa night

Spa days are popular Valentine’s Day gift ideas, but turning it into a spa night makes it great for Galentine’s Day. After the day is over and the little ones are in bed, give yourself a little pampering. An at-home manicure, pedicure, or facial with some aspect dr skin care or similar products could all be nice Galentine’s Day ideas, even if you do it solo and FaceTime with friends!

Don’t act your age

I think when women reach a certain age, we make ourselves a list of things we’re “too old for” and it’s not always fair. So in honor of Galentine’s Day, think of things you enjoyed when you were and do them again! Maybe it’s having a slumber party complete with staying up too late and laughing too hard. Maybe it’s going roller skating and rocking out to all the top 40 hits. Maybe it’s eating dessert for dinner. Whatever it is that you think you’re too old to do, go for it and drag your friends along with you. Let yourself go for just a little bit and you’ll be amazed at how much fun you actual have.

Valentine’s Day may be marketed towards couples, but it can still be fun if you’re flying solo. Hopefully these Galentine’s Day ideas have gotten you excited about celebrating a different kind of love on the 14th!

When you're not in a relationship or if you're separated from your loved one, it can feel like there's nothing for you on Valentine's Day. Luckily there are so many wonderful Galentine's Day ideas that will have you and your best friends feeling the love on the 14th!

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