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Five Things Your Valentine’s Day Care Package MUST Have

Valentine’s Day care packages get the short end of the stick, don’t they? To accommodate shipping times, they often have to go out right after the holidays, when you’ve exhausted your care package creativity and maybe your budget. But your loved one deserves a care package for Valentine’s Day, don’t they? How are you supposed to pull a box together so quickly? You focus on a few Valentine’s Day care package must haves and take a little help wherever you can get it.

Yes, it would be fantastic if you were able to make your Valentine’s Day care package light up, sing and shoot out heart-shaped confetti. I’m sure your service member would love a fancy watch, a new iPad or a set of fancy headphones. But as you recover from the holiday craziness, focus on simplifying both the contents and design. Stick to Valentine’s Day care package must-haves and give yourself a break!

Valentine’s Day care package must haves


If your loved one is away from home during any portion of the year, odds are he/she misses you and the rest of the family. This may be especially true around the holidays and through Valentine’s Day. Since you can’t actually send yourself overseas, send the next best thing: photos! You could send photos from the holidays, random “day in the life” shots or get really sassy and have a boudoir shoot done with someone like this boudoir photographer New Orleans. Package any photos up in a cute way that will make your loved one feel a little closer to those at home.

Love letter

I know technology is a modern military spouse’s best friend, but I kind of miss the days where couples wrote long love letters to each other when they were separated. Those seem infinitely more romantic than a “miss you ;)” IM at 3 am, don’t they? So one of your Valentine’s Day care package must-haves is a love letter! Don’t worry, I’m not saying you have to write 8 pages of poetry. Just a simple one-page letter that tells your service member why you love them or a sweet greeting card with a short note in it. You could add a little more oomph to your letter by gifting a Galaxy Enchanted Rose along with it.

Something sweet

Cynics will tell you that Valentine’s Day was just invented to sell candy, but I disagree. Valentine’s Day is a great time to remind someone that you love them and if you do it with candy, all the better! That’s why something sweet is on my list of Valentine’s Day care package must haves. Now depending on your loved one’s personal tastes, the something sweet could take on a variety of different forms. But be careful about sending chocolate: even though the temps are slightly cooler now, odds are the chocolate will melt by the time it reaches your loved one. If chocolate is a must, consider a version that won’t melt like Nutella or a mug cake (Duncan Hines makes a great chocolate one).

Sentimental gift

I think we all fall into the “more expensive, the better” trap when it comes to gifts, but Valentine’s Day gifts can be the exception to the rule if you’re willing to get a little creative. Instead of shipping expensive items, consider sending a gift that’s more sentimental than expensive. Maybe it’s a poem you wrote or a short video where you share reasons you love them. Or you could go old school with a mix tape full of songs that make you think about them. Your loved one will love these sentimental gifts!

Lots of love

This is probably the most important item on my list of Valentine’s Day care package must haves because what’s Valentine’s Day without love? No matter what your care package looks like or what it contains, your service member will care most about the love that went into creating it. You can add a little extra love to your care package with a spritz of perfume at the end, a few extra notes tucked in between items and selecting items that will brighten your loved one’s day.

Do you need a little extra help with your Valentine’s Day care package? I can help you cross decorating off your to-do list with my Valentine’s Day care package. You can purchase it online in my Etsy shop and it comes with everything you see below. It’s $15.00 and ships quickly and for free! I’ve only made a limited number so order soon before they run out!

Valentine's Day Care Package Must Haves

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