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Five Ways To Grow In 2018

There’s something about the first day in a new year, isn’t there? That first page in the calendar is all fresh and clean, the days ahead are filled with all the potential in the world. It’s a pretty amazing feeling knowing you can make the next year ANYTHING you want it to be. Yes, circumstance can throw some curveballs at you, but on the first day of the year, you get to set the tone for so much of the next 364. That’s exciting!

So let’s do this: day one of 2018. What is the year ahead going to look like? I’ve actually decided to try something new this year and not make any resolutions for 2018. How unblogger-like of me, huh?! But I’m not turning in my blogger card in just yet; instead of making a bunch of resolutions that I won’t keep, I’ve chosen a single word to work towards for 2018.


I want my 2018 to be all about growth: personally, professionally, intellectually, emotionally…the list goes on and on.  As much as I dislike admitting it, I can get a little comfortable with where I’m at in life. I have conversations with people who share my point of view, I read books or articles that reinforce my opinions and can totally get stuck in a rut. But in 2018, I want to change that as much as possible. Throughout the year, I’ll find and take advantage of as many opportunities as possible that push me to grow.

I like that idea, but Rachel, “growth” is such a generic term. How do you actually plan on making sure growth happens?

That’s a totally fair question. As you may remember, I’m all about setting specific goals in order to actually have a shot of achieving them. Sometimes though you need to start out with a broader mission in mind to inspire your goal setting. That’s the purpose my word of the year serves: overall inspiration that will help me set goals throughout the year.

I know, I know. That still doesn’t really make things any more specific. So in case you’re interested in growing with me in 2018, here are a few examples of ways that I see myself growing in the year ahead.

5 ways to grow in 2018

Ask for help. 

Oh dear reader, if you are anything like me at all, asking for help is almost the absolute worst thing you can do. I hate asking for help; it makes me feel weak and incapable, which when you think about it is a pretty horrible way to go through life. So in 2018, I’ve decided that I will grow by asking for help more often. No, I’m not going to pretend I can’t do something just so someone else can do it for me, although it’s tempting to try that with the laundry at home. What I will do is ask for more advice from others, delegate when my to-do list feels overwhelming and look to learn from those around me a bit more.

Read something you disagree with. 

Raise your hand if you have started avoiding Facebook lately because there is that one family member who always has the most ridiculous posts about politics/religion/football.  Their posts find that single button of yours and push it HARD. You can’t stand it. Yeah, I’m right there with you, but instead of avoiding it this year, I’m going to wade right on in and try to learn from it.  Now, I probably won’t start reading every single thing my crazy relatives post and take it as fact, but I will turn to credible sources about the topic and try to understand the other point of view.

Take a class. 

Nothing says growth quite like learning how to do something new.  Find something you’ve always wanted to learn how to do (or that your significant other is interested in) and take a class for it! Maybe it’s ballroom dancing or running your own business or photography or how to can your own beets. Odds are there is something out there that you’d like to know how to do; go learn it!

Exercise more often or use a new routine. 

Oh boy, do I need to grow here. I have been absolutely awful about taking care of myself and by the end of last year, it was really starting to show.  Growth doesn’t just have to happen intellectually; it can be physical too! In 2018, I want to grow physically by getting stronger and healthier.  If you already work out regularly, try a new routine to see if you like it. Add yoga or kickboxing or train for a 5k. Mix it up!

Do something every day that brings you peace. 

An area of my life where I want to see the most growth is my mental health. I don’t consider myself in bad mental health, but I definitely think it could be better.  I tend to carry the stress of the day home with me or dwell on small things far longer than I should. So in 2018, I’m going to do something that brings me peace every day. I don’t know exactly what that may be; odds are I will try a few different things before I find one that sticks. My first instinct is to sit silently for a few minutes after work and just relax. I’m definitely open to suggestions, so share any tips with me in the comments!

I have big things planned for the rest of the year and can’t wait to share them with you. I go into each year hoping and believing that it will be the best one yet and this year is no exception.  Here’s to a wonderful 2018, everyone!

Do you have a word for 2018? What kinds of thing are you planning to accomplish? Share them with me so we can cheer each other along for the next 365 days!

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