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Deployment Countdowns: Why They Matter

When you’re in the midst of a deployment, it can feel like you will never reach the end. Day after day goes by and homecoming doesn’t seem any closer. The time ahead stretches out in front of you and you may feel a little hopeless. But then you look at your deployment countdown and realize you’ve hit a milestone. 

Maybe you’re under 100 days. Maybe you’re under a month. Maybe you’re under a week!

Then you remember just how far you’ve come and suddenly it seems like you may survive after all. If you’ve made through this many days, you can make it through the days ahead.

I am a huge believer that deployment countdowns make deployments easier for those on the home front.  There is something so incredibly satisfying about crossing another day off the calendar or ripping a paper chain link down. Maybe it’s just me, but I always view that moment as a little bit of a middle finger to deployment: I made it one more day, even after everything you threw at me.

Deployment countdowns matter because…

…you need to celebrate how far you’ve come, even if it’s just since yesterday.

…they help little ones understand the concept of deployment and the passing of time.

…they can add a fun twist to the end (or start) of each deployment day.

…they are a visual and physical reminder that time is, in fact, passing.

…they make even the worst deployment day a little better because ultimately, it’s over.

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Deployments are so hard and anything that makes them even the slightest bit easier is worth doing. Countdowns do just that, offering a simple reminder that each day that passes brings you one day closer to homecoming. Whether you like paper chains or chalkboards, there is a deployment countdown method for everyone’s unique situation.

Are you getting ready to have a deployment countdown of your own? I have some really great deployment countdown craft ideas saved on Pinterest. I also have a chalkboard deployment countdown frame available in my shop that is the perfect way to keep track of the deployment days going on. 

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