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A Holiday Letter To Military Spouses

Dear military spouse,

Happy holidays! Or are you more bah humbug?

Don’t worry, I understand if you’re not brimming with holiday cheer right now. The holidays can be rough. Maybe your spouse is deployed and you’re feeling their absence more strongly than normal. Maybe you live really far away from family and miss the togetherness and traditions. Maybe you have a hard time mustering up any holiday cheer because you’re overseas and nothing feels the same.

I feel your pain because I’ve been there. Last year, my husband was deployed during the holidays and I was more than a little Grinchy about the entire season. Trust me, it was not a good look. But I eventually decided that being unhappy all the time wasn’t worth it; it wasn’t going to get my husband home any sooner and it was a little exhausting. So I stopped being unhappy and focused on finding things to be happy about. It’s from the experience that I can assure that you will survive this holiday season, no matter how unlikely it seems right now. In fact, you may even find yourself thriving during the holidays!

Joy has a way of creeping in where you least expect it, as long as you leave a little piece of yourself open to it. You can find joy during the holidays, if only you open your eyes.

Joy has a way of creeping in where you least expect it, as long as you leave a little piece of yourself open to it. Click To Tweet

Look to your friends, your family, your neighbors, even your fellow military spouses to bring a smile to your face. Look to little ones who don’t know not to be happy during Christmas. Look to strangers committing random acts of kindness. Look to yourself as you reflect on all that you have to be joyful for because that is the greatest gift of the holidays: the reminder of just how lucky you are.

The heartache of missing someone can be especially pronounced during the holidays and it’s tempting to withdraw to protect yourself. But oh dear military spouse, please give yourself the gift of joy during the holidays and let yourself celebrate. It may be hard and it may not be as fun as normal, but it’s worth it.

Sending you virtual hugs and as much joy as possible!

Happy holidays, dear military spouse.

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