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Gift Guide: Gifts For Couples

Gifts for Couples

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Who still has Christmas shopping to finish up? Yeah, me too. There is just a little over two weeks until the big day and I am still searching for gift ideas for quite a few folks on my list, including quite a few couples. Gifts for couples can be tricky because you’re purchasing one item for two people, but in my searching, I found quite a few good ideas, such as getting your significant other a personal item that isn’t exactly run of the mill, something with sentimental value and a personal touch like these photo boxers. Personalized gifts like that are fun and special, and show a little more thought than just going to a regular store and picking something that many people will also own. Personalized gifts can be practical, like these Custom Face Socks, plus keyrings, bottle openers and mugs. Instead of purchasing traditional gifts, like flowers and chocolates, it would be much more interesting to try and find some alternative gifts. Recently, gifts that have been customized with people’s faces have become a lot more popular, so some people might want to Put your face on pajamas for your significant other. Those sorts of presents feel more special as they’ve been personalized. Getting a gift that’s deep and personal can be a tremendous amount of effort, especially since you cannot be sure if the effort will pay off, so maybe more lighthearted gifts like custom bobbleheads could be appreciated more. In fact gifts like these are popular all over the world, there are many different countries who now have these custom bobblehead gifts available. Clearly, they are becoming quite a popular choice of present for a loved one. For example in France, they call them figurine personnalise! Hopefully these ideas will make shopping for the couples in your life a bit easier.

Gifts for Couples

I think the key to shopping for couples is to choose one thing they both have in common and focus on purchasing a gift centered on that common interest. That common item doesn’t have to be a hobby necessarily, every couple has their anniversary in common or the need for a little extra help with meal planning. You could even get really personal and gift them something like a Custom Camera Roll Keychain that contains photos of the two of them – anything like this is a great idea!

I pulled together a pretty wide variety of gifts for couples and I would be thrilled to give (or receive), but there are a few items worth spotlighting. First off, those sheets. We actually own those sheets and they are amazing; so soft and a great weight for all seasons.

We’ve also used the 5 Love Languages book as part of our pre-marital counseling and then used the military edition earlier this year. It’s a great way to get conversation flowing between a couple and we found it to be really helpful in loving each other in the best way possible.

You’ve likely seen the night sky print all over social media, but it’s so cool that I had to include it here as well. You can customize the print with your choice of date, time and location for whatever meaningful event you’d like. I think this would be a really cool gift for a recently married (or engaged) couple. In fact anything like this is important – something that will mean a lot to couples because it represents their own unique love journey. There are plenty of personalised gift ideas out there, such as a Personalized Moon Lamp with Photo or Photos of the two of them on it. It is also gifts like this that couples can cherish forever, and show their children and grandchildren when they are older.

We’ve also used the Sur La Table cooking classes and really enjoy those. If you give a gift card, the recipient can choose the class to attend based on the menu and their tastes. The classes are a lot of fun, you get to eat what you cook and it’s an experience rather than a thing.

And last, but certainly not least, is the Date Night In box. I think this would be such a fun gift for the couple who doesn’t necessarily need stuff. The subscription box is super popular right now so why not give one that’s perfect as gifts for couples?

Other great gifts for couples could include egift cards (think restaurants, home improvement stores or the spa), subscriptions (AmazonPrime, Costco, HelloFresh, etc.) or even free(!) babysitting so the couple could plan their own date night.

Gifts for couples can be tricky, but there is a great present out there for every couple on your list. What’s the best couples’ gift you’ve ever received?

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