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Dear Santa

It was a struggle getting the boys to write their letter to Santa this year. B was way too hopped up on dog Christmas cookies to focus and Ruger had a hard time spelling any of the words. But they finally finished it and hopefully it gets to the big guy in time. I figured it couldn’t hurt to add it to the blog too just in case Santa pops in every now and then.

Dear Santa,

Boy have we been good this year! I hope your sleigh is big enough to carry all the squeaky toys because we’ve earned them. We got Rachel through TWO deployments this year which is a lot. We had to be extra needy so she wasn’t bored and didn’t get sad that A was gone. We kept her very busy: playing, barking, destroying things! I mean we did our best to support her hobbies, like cleaning. Plus we made sure she got extra snuggles while she was sleeping. Ruger actually slept on top of her most nights. What a prince, am I right?

We also do a really good job protecting the house from everyone, including the mailman, people walking their dogs, birds and even people who pretend to be Rachel’s friends, but really just want to eat all of our food. Always vigilant, that’s our motto.

And yes, we may have had a few naughty moments this year. Like the time that Ruger chewed up a fake pumpkin that Rachel just bought or ate my warmest sweater. Or the time that I peed on the deck because it was snowing and I didn’t want to step in it. But really, no one is perfect and even though we come very close, I don’t think you should hold it against us.

Since we’ve been so good, we’ve come up with a few things that we’d like for Christmas. Ruger would like as many tennis balls as you can bring him and maybe a new blankie. He carries his blankie around all the time and sometimes he accidentally rips holes in it when he forgets how to walk. Kids, right?

I would like a less embarrassing sweater to wear when it’s cold out. Rachel makes me wear one with a sparkly reindeer on it. How humiliating! And then maybe a new squeaky toy or two (or twenty). I tear through them like Ruger tears through cardboard boxes. Don’t listen to Rachel, the ones with stuffing in them are the best (even if they make a mess).

And then treats. We looooove treats! I know I’m not supposed to eat chicken, but if an entire rotisserie chicken found its way into my stocking, I wouldn’t tell anyone. Wink wink.

We hope you make a stop at our house, Santa!

B and Ruger

Merry Christmas, everyone! I’ll be back at the end of next week with a look back at this crazy year! 

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