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Date Night Care Package

Date Night Care Package Ideas

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There is something about colder weather that makes me want to do all the coupley things, especially date nights. Whether it’s dinner at the best restaurant downtown Charlottesville has to offer or pizza and a movie at home, there’s nothing quite like a true date night to brighten my week and make me feel loved. But when my husband is deployed, date nights come to a screeching halt. But do they have to? A date night care package could definitely help fill the void of traditional date nights if you’re willing to get a little creative.

The key to any date night care package is to have it be personal to your date night preferences. But when it comes to the long distance version, you’ll need to throw in a dash of creativity to get your ideas to translate to a box. I’ve put together three different date night ideas that you could easily package up in a flat rate rate box and send to your loved one. Make sure you keep a version of the contents for yourself so when you’re on Skype, it’s like you’re together.

Date Night Care Package Ideas

Italian Dinner Date

Perhaps it’s because I am Italian, but in my book, it’s hard to beat a good Italian dinner date. A glass of wine, a steamy bowl of pasta, and some romantic candlelight? So good! Infused candle lights are even better for a romantic dinner date. You could find a wide variety of fragrances on e-shops like True Pheromones. And the next best thing is pasta. Those microwavable pasta meals are taste-tested and husband-approved, so I feel very confident in recommending them to you all! Of course, you need to add a healthy sprinkle of parmesan cheese and something for dessert. That classic red and white tablecloth is big enough for you to cut in half and you can divide the candles out so you both have a few. To get the perfect setting, you just need a little romantic music and Dean Martin is coming to your rescue!

Movie Date

Movies are a go-to date for many couples and they are really perfect for a date night care package. I chose items that my husband would like in a movie date night (including his favorite movie) but the beauty of this idea is that you can easily customize it to your tastes. You could get a pizza from restaurants like Dandy Kat, wear a chic yet simple outfit, get ready a bottle of wine and there, the night is yours!

Coffee Date

Ok, while the other two date ideas are fun, I have to admit that I’m most excited about this coffee date care package. I found so many fantastic items to include, but my favorite has to be the long distance coffee mugs. While the travel mug may be more practical, there is something to be said for the cute factor of those mugs. Obviously a coffee date doesn’t work without coffee and the brand I have linked here is my husband’s favorite. If your loved one doesn’t have access to a coffee maker, consider sending them a french press so they can make their own. You can find plastic ones, but as long as you protect it, the glass ones should arrive in one piece. Biscotti, coffee-scented candle and some coffeehouse music will complete your coffee date. All you need now is great conversation.

Dates don’t have to stop just because deployment comes calling. With a little creativity, a strong internet connection and a bit of scheduling, you can find a way to keep dating your loved one, even long distance.

Have you ever had a date night during deployment? How did you make it special?

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