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Welcome back, everyone! I know things have a been quiet here over the past few days, but after all the  craziness of the past few weeks, it was time to soak up some peaceful time. After our family left, A and I hunkered down and were completely lazy for a day or so. It felt amazing and something I totally recommend doing as you recharge from the holidays and get ready for the start of a new year.

Yes, 2017 is almost over. Eek! I know people say this literally every single year, but this year has flown by for me. On one hand, I just can’t wrap my head around the idea that we have just a few days left.  But then when I think back to all that’s happened over the past year, I can’t believe that it all fit into such a short amount of time.

We got the double whammy of two deployments in 2017, but on the bright side, we were lucky enough to have two homecomings. The large amount of time apart made us exceptionally grateful for the time we do have together. As hard as the separations were (and trust me, there were days that they felt impossible to handle) when you look back, it all seems worth it.

With my husband gone, I got to focus a lot on me. I know that sounds a little selfish and honestly, it was a bit, but not in a “the world revolves around me” kind of way.  During both deployments, I was able to turn some attention to passion projects of mine (cough my business cough) and create a foundation that let me keep up the momentum once he returned home. I made the most out of deployment, gave a little time to myself and chased a few of my dreams. I couldn’t be happier with those decisions because they rejuvenated and fulfilled me in a way that I didn’t even know I was missing.

This year pushed us both to stop putting things on the back burner. For example, we always said we wanted to visit Ireland someday. Well the military basically ensures that if you keep waiting for the right time your husband is probably going to end up deployed for it. We made today the right time and found ourselves living life just a little bit more. In the short amount of time A was home, we traveled as far and as often as we could: Seattle, Vancouver, Charleston, Ireland. In the past year, we’ve seen so many amazing places. The memories made during a trip (or any unique experience) are worth the vacation days used and the money spent.

But the less adventurous days may have been my favorites. When you spend so much time apart, the everyday moments take on additional meaning. Eating dinner together and having my husband come home to me at night are things I do not take for granted. If 2017 taught me anything, it’s to be exceptionally grateful for the little things that make up a lifetime.

As I close the book on the past year, I have to say that I feel excited. I’m excited about all the wonderful things that happened in 2017 and I’m ready to see what 2018 holds!

What was your favorite part of 2017?

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