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Halloween Care Package

Happy Monday! Boy, am I glad to finally be able to share this Halloween care package with you all. I wouldn’t necessarily call the past few weeks a Halloween movie, but it sure was suspenseful. Mail service has been spotty where my husband is and with his homecoming date quickly approaching, I cut it very close on this one. But just a day before Halloween, his care package arrived!

I sent this in his emoji care package so I needed to keep it small, but I didn’t want to give up any of the festive look. I made the most of the box itself by wrapping it in fun caution tape from Target and then chose a bold print for the inside.

I loved the spider web paper for the inside of the box, especially because of how well the decorations popped against it. I actually repurposed pieces the Halloween care package from my shop and kept it very simple. The ghost and pumpkin were just the right size for this mini (but spooky) box!

I think the biggest challenge with using a small flat rate box for a care package is finding items that fit in it! I managed to find a few Halloween-themed items that fit just perfectly: fall flavored Kind bar, mini Halloween candy and Halloween-themed tissues. Of course the chocolate was completely melted by the time it arrived almost 3 weeks after I sent it, but he can use the tissues to clean it up!

It felt nice to temporarily retire my tape gun (woo hoo for the end of deployment!) with something as cute as this Halloween box.  But don’t worry, there are plenty of cute care packages coming your way even while my husband is home!

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