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Christmas Care Package Contents

There are so many possible Christmas care package contents that easily fit and ship in a flat rate box. Get plenty of ideas here!

Updated October 2020
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With heavier mail volume than the rest of the year, shipping times can get longer around the holidays, especially for mail heading overseas to deployed service members. That’s why I always recommend that your box is in the mail sooner rather than later! Of course, that means decorating and filling your care package needs to happen quickly. Luckily, there are plenty of great Christmas care package contents you could include!

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I may be a little biased because I do love the holiday, but I think Christmas care packages may be the easiest to fill.  There are so many possible Christmas care package contents that easily fit and ship in a flat rate box. The most important thing with filling a Christmas care package (or any care package really) is to choose things that your loved one enjoys. This is also a wonderful time to tuck in a few extra items for your loved one to share with co-workers who may not receive mail while deployed.

Christmas Care Package Contents

Christmas treats are definitely a staple in Christmas care packages. Just like with fall, most companies produce limited-edition items in seasonal flavors. Sending a few peppermint or gingerbread-flavored items can

While there are plenty of food items to put in a Christmas care package, there are some fun non-food Christmas care package contents as well. Christmas movies are always a good idea as is a thumb drive full of Christmas music to help get them in the spirit. Another great way to help make it feel like Christmas is something as simple as a pine-scented air freshener. Yes, the ones shaped like a tree that hang from car mirrors!

Sending large, very expensive or very sentimental gifts may not be the best idea, but a few smaller presents are a great idea. Things like a new book, t-shirt, hat, coffee mug or even something fun, like the NERF football, are good additions.

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Other Christmas care package contents include Christmas cards from friends and family and other decorations for your loved one’s room. I absolutely love that little mini tree and hope every Christmas care package heading overseas has one, complete with mini decorations! Fill any extra space with jingle bells so it sounds like the holidays too!

You could easily package all these items into a stocking and have that be the only thing in the box. Your loved one can hang their stocking up until Christmas Day and have lots of goodies to open. Filling mini stockings with small things like candy canes and hot cocoa packets for your loved one to share with folks is also a great option. I did that when my husband was deployed over Christmas and I think he got as much joy out of playing Santa as his co-workers did getting their own stocking.

If you don’t normally wrap your care package contents, make an exception this time! Use festive paper and encourage your loved one to put their presents under the mini tree you sent.

A deployment during Christmas is never the ideal and your loved one would most certainly rather be home with you. But a fun and festive care package filled with contents that he or she will love goes a long way to brightening up the holiday overseas.

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