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Ten Random Facts About Me

Happy Friday! I had a completely different post planned for today, but sometimes deployment just overwhelms you and you need something easy and fun. So instead of my regularly scheduled post, I’m sharing 10 random facts about me and hope you’ll share a random fact about yourself in the comments!

1. I am so incredibly over this deployment. 8 months out of 12 is too many and I have zero patience left. Hurry up, homecoming!

2. Being my own boss is something I would really like to accomplish one day. A and I both like the idea of being self-employed and have considered all sorts of businesses including a restaurant.

3. I don’t mind the beach and think the ocean can be beautiful, but would choose the mountains any day.

4. Speaking of the mountains, my retirement goal is to have a piece of property in the mountains and open a wiener dog rescue. There’d be tiny guest houses and people would come on vacation and get a wiener dog to snuggle while they were there. This is also known as heaven.

5. I can’t stand mushrooms. It’s not the taste, but the texture and if they’re in something I’m eating, I have to swallow them whole. Blech.

6. A few years ago, I had no idea how to use my camera. My husband purchased it for me and I was just using trial and error to figure out how to use it. But then I took a photography lesson with the fabulous AJ Dunlap and my whole photography world changed. She took the photo that goes with this post and is amazing!

7.  If I could go anywhere in the world on vacation, I would chose Italy. Ever since going to Rome on our honeymoon, I’ve wanted to do a full tour of the country. Now I just need a ton of money and about a month off work to make it happen.

8. I absolutely hate being the center of attention, which is ironic when you consider that I have a blog about my life. Oh and my day job puts me in front of media on a pretty regular basis.

9. A year ago, I never would have considered traveling solo, but after a few trips alone, I actually don’t mind it too much! I’m not sure I’d actually want to go on vacation by myself, but that’s a big step forward for me.

10. I would choose wearing a skirt over pants almost any time, except if the pants were yoga pants.

Tell me a random fact about yourself!

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