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Halloween Care Package Crafts

Happy Monday, I hope everyone had a fantastic weekend! I spent it in full-on care package mode: filling orders and finishing up A’s Halloween care package. Hopefully this was my last care package for this deployment! While I searched around for inspiration, I found so many cute Halloween care package crafts, more than I could possibly include in A’s last box. I pulled together a few of my favorites for y’all to use in your next care package.

I’ve linked original sources when I could find them, but all of these Halloween care package crafts are so simple and could easily be done without directions. Most of them are related to food, but the few that aren’t may actually be my favorites.

Halloween Care Package Crafts

Popcorn GloveGhost LollipopsMonster Candy BarsBugs & Kisses – Pedicure Kit – Tic Tacs – Ghost Footprints – Chex MixLollipop Spiders

I absolutely love the ghost footprint art! It would be a great way to get your little ones involved; actually most of these are kid-friendly. But there’s something about sending those little footprints in a care package that make me all gooey inside and they’re not even for me!

The rest of these Halloween care package crafts are great ways to dress up your care package contents to fit your Halloween theme, especially the monster candy bars. You could take the same idea and use it to decorate any of the items in your care package. I highly suggest adding extras of whichever crafts you do choose so that your loved one can share the Halloween cheer with others.

The best news is that all of these Halloween care package crafts don’t have to be just for care packages! You could use them for trick-or-treating, as treats for a Halloween party or even as small gifts for co-workers or neighbors.

Share your favorite Halloween care package crafts in the comments!

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