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PCS Care Package

PCS Care Package

It’s easy to get stuck in a care package rut: they’re for deployed troops and come in decorated flat rate boxes based on some sort of theme. All of that is 100% true of course, but there are so many other groups who would enjoy a care package! Luckily military spouses don’t have to look too far for another care package recipient: new neighbors. A PCS care package is the perfect way to welcome a new neighbor to the ‘hood.

PCS Care Package Ideas

PCS Care Package

Squeaky clean PCS Care Package

Moving is a chore, am I right? Whether you’re just changing houses or going to another state, the entire process is exhausting. Just when you think that all the work is done, you realize that the previous owners maybe didn’t leave things as clean as you’d like them. So add one more thing to your already packed to-do list!

A great PCS care package for a new neighbor would be a basket (or bucket) of cleaning supplies to help that process along. Everything from tile cleaner to sponges to paper towels help get a new house in squeaky clean shape. Add in a nice scented candle to make it feel homier and you’ve really helped them feel welcome!

Live like a local PCS Care Package

Military families often move to a new home without really knowing a whole lot about the surrounding area. Where the United States of America tells us to go, we go. It doesn’t matter if they have decent Chinese food or a grocery store we’re familiar with. Help them learn the ropes of their new home with a PCS care package full of local area resources.

Menus from local restaurants (and maybe a gift card or two), a guidebook with fun locations and activities for the family and your recommendations for grocery stores, dry cleaners and so on would be great things to add to this care package.

PCS Care Package

Dinner’s covered PCS Care Package

When I move, the first room that has to be unpacked is the kitchen because if I can’t eat a normal meal, I get very cranky. But if you’ve just moved across the country (or to another country), grocery shopping and figuring out what to eat for dinner is probably the last thing on your mind. You can help your new neighbors by showing up with dinner in a basket!

This particular PCS care package has a few different variations: bring the ingredients and a recipe like in the picture, bring something fully prepared that all they need to do is heat or bring a few gift cards to local places so they can choose when to use them.

Or if you want to go super simple: show up with pizza and paper plates. You’ll still meet the new folks and be the hero at dinnertime!

Take a little piece of home with you PCS Care Package

For every new neighbor that arrives, you have to say goodbye to someone you’ve gotten to know pretty well. You can send your neighbor off to their new home with a few pieces of the place they’re leaving behind. A coffee table book with famous scenes from the town (or state) along with a few unique foods are great contents for this PCS care package.

A PCS care package is a great way to welcome new neighbors, something military families have plenty of! Have you ever given or received a PCS care package and what made it great?

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