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Nut Care Package

Nut Care Package

There is no one in this world who has the ability to drive me nuts quite like my husband. It’s a good thing he’s cute, huh?! But oddly enough, the things that irritate me when he’s home are some of the first things I miss when he’s gone. Truth be told, even his odd quirks are part of the total package that I love. This realization led me to create this nut care package for him.

Last deployment, I discovered the appeal of the small flat rate boxes and when I was planning out his care packages for this deployment, I knew I wanted to use a few to fill in gaps between larger boxes. I’ve previously sent nut-themed care packages before, but wanted this one to be a little less nutty. The small flat rate box was just perfect!

Nut Care Package

One of the many things I love about small flat rate boxes is that they are so quick and easy to decorate. Don’t get me wrong, I love designing and decorating the bigger boxes, but every once in a while, I want something a bit easier. So I kept this one very simple, even repurposing items from my nut care package in the shop. But I love how it turned out!

The blue paper was really bright and things popped against it really well. The trick to decorating small boxes like this is to decorate all the paper and then glue it to the box. Don’t try to decorate paper after it’s attached to the box. I speak from experience!

Nut Care Package

Then came the easy part: filling it! I always try to send new things and even though it was tiny, my nut care package was not an exception. The OLOMOMO nuts were a complete impulse purchase at World Market just because they were different. It turns out they were a 50-50 hit. The cinnamon-cayenne flavor was not a winner, but the salt and vinegar ones were!

Not a ton fits in a small flat rate box, but I tested a few different content combinations to get the most out of my nut care package’s space. Luckily, a few of the items were squishable and fit into the tight space.

Nut care packages are really fun to put together and could include a lot of different things:

  • Peanut butter
  • Other nut butters – Justin’s nut butters come in individual serving packets that would fit into small spaces.
  • Any mixed nuts or nut snack packs
  • Peanut butter crackers
  • Peanut butter cookies
  • M&Ms, Snickers, Butterfingers, etc.
  • Trail mix – you could try my homemade patriotic trail mix!
  • Nut Exactly snack bites – my husband loves the peanut popcorn ones.

My husband may drive me nuts, but I will always send him care packages. What’s something about your loved one that normally drives you nuts, but that you miss when he/she is gone?

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