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Sharp Dressed Man Care Package

I’m going to give you all a heads up: I’ve really stepped up my care package game this deployment. So much so that this statement is probably going to make frequent appearances on the blog over the next few months: this is my favorite care package yet.

I know what you’re thinking: Rachel, they can’t all be your favorite care package.

Oh yes, they can be! Especially this one. When my husband asked me to send him some clothes, I started brainstorming cute box ideas. The ZZ Top lyrics popped into my head and I knew it was the way to go! Even though I was just sending some polo shirts and gym shorts, I was really excited about putting together this sharp dressed man care package.

And what better says “sharp dressed man” than a tuxedo? Once I settled on the look, the black and white color scheme was a no brainer.  Finding the black and white heart paper really sealed the deal.

This box was definitely one of the simpler ones I’ve sent, but I think it had some great impact. It was very easy to put together and could really fit almost any circumstance. I opted to go with paper that had some shimmer to it for the flaps and bottom and am so glad I did! It really made the silhouette and details in the tuxedo stand out.

I wasn’t sure how my husband would feel about the box, but I should have known that he’d love it. In fact, when I mentioned how proud I was of the box, he told me I should be proud of it because it was “badass”. That’s very high praise from him!

Things I sent in this box: gym shorts, polo shorts, socks, Gatorade, Mio water flavoring, Muscle Milk, peanut butter, beef jerky, Nutella, peanut butter crackers, trail mix and nuts.

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