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My No Good Very Bad Horrible Day

I didn’t plan to take the day off from blogging today, but B has something he’d like to share with y’all. I originally said no, but then he gave me his best sad face and I relented. So here to tell you about his no good very bad horrible day is B himself. 

I’m a pretty adventurous dude: hiking, swimming, camping. I run, jump and keep up with Ruger all while being darn cute. I’m not really scared of anything, except the wind. So when I tell you that our backyard is a deathtrap, I hope that you take it seriously.

You see, on Saturday, we were outside and I was checking under the deck for left over Ruger food because he’s a messy eater and I have an insatiable appetite.  So there I was sniffing around in the mulch, occasionally peeing a little bit, loving life. Then BOOM! Out of nowhere, something shot me in the side!

Ok so technically, nothing actually shot me, but it sure felt that way. I yelped in surprise because it hurt so much! I didn’t like that all, but what I liked even less was Rachel poking at me. She poked my belly and my legs and EVERYWHERE. She seemed really worried and that made me nervous so I stopped moving and pretended I didn’t know how to walk. I even hid from her because I didn’t want her to keep poking me.

Well that really set her off! She kept bothering me and trying to get me to walk around, tempting me with treats (which I totes ate-I was injured, not stupid). Nothing I did would make her leave me alone, even when I pretended to be asleep. Then she made my Nana come over and chase me around the house. Couldn’t they see that I was wounded?!

Well after another whole day of Rachel following me around and touching me, I went to see the scary man at the place that smells like pee and dogs. He said I got stung by something and that I was going to be ok. The bump of my side would eventually stop hurting and Rachel wouldn’t have anything left to poke at. Phew.

I really hope that nothing bad happens this weekend.  I don’t think I could take any more stress (or Rachel pokes).

So yes, poor B did get stung by something last weekend. His side swelled up a bit and we had to make a vet visit on Monday. A few days plus some Benadryl later and he is back to his normal, sassy self.  And yes, I maybe freaked out a little bit and checked on him a bit (obsessively). 

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