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“Blue Without You” Care Package

Blue Without You Care Package

We’ve officially hit our first deployment milestone: my husband has received his first care package! I usually start putting his first box together right after he leaves, so it’s a bit of a waiting game until he gets it.  But the box has arrived so now I finally get to share it with you!

I took a bit of a different approach with this care package and sent it from these two little faces instead. The dogs sure are blue without him around and he misses them quite a bit as well. It was the perfect easy theme for a first care package.

My favorite part was probably the note they wrote A on the bottom of the box.  I may have helped them spell some of the harder words, but the sentiment was all them.  I think this is a great way to have little ones (who are human!) help with care packages.  A note or drawing on the bottom of the box is an added surprise once it’s empty.

I’ve shared before that wrapping each item in the care package adds a little bit more fun to it. But for a theme like this, wrapping each item helps your box look a little more cohesive. I wanted to send my husband items he likes and needs, but they weren’t all blue! A little wrapping paper solved that problem and pulled the entire box together.

You may have caught my Instagram Story showing some of the stuff I put into A’s care package, but just in case you missed it, here is everything that fit in this box. Getting everything in there is a bit of a puzzle, but a lot really can fit in a large flat rate box.

You can see that this box had a wide variety of stuff inside. Some of my favorites were the $10 sheets from Walmart, the cooling towel I found stuffed in his sock drawer, the giant bag of pistachios (his favorite snack) I found on sale and the Prego Ready Meal. My husband’s schedule is super funky and doesn’t always coincide with meal time so options like these will help fill in the gaps.

And just like that, the first care package of this deployment is a wrap!

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